Toby’s Estate – Salcedo Village, Makati

There’s a Toby’s Estate in Century City Mall, but I prefer the one in Salcedo. It’s more spacious and lovelier. Warm and chic.


This Australian specialty coffee house struck me as a good place for brunch with family, to catch up with a friend, or to lounge alone while trying to come up with answers to world problems. :p


Shani and I went there our Charaptor lunch for dessert and coffee.


I really, really like that they have pots of cacti all over the place.


What I didn’t like was that they ran out of calamansi pie. :( Sayang, ‘yun pa naman narinig ko na maraming good reviews.


Another bestseller is their Bucky’s a la Mode (150php). Take note, it’s NOT brownies. It’s Bucky’s. The difference? Salt, I guess.


Had their Pistachio Cheese Cake (250php) and I loved it. One of the best cheesecakes I’ve had. Yum-oh! Sana lang mas makapal ang crust!


Shani had the Iced Chai Latte (150php) and I had a Flat White Latte. I wanted something else sana, but chose the one with latte art. Not impressed with the design though. Hehe. :p


Their menu seems to be promising, but it would be tough to choose between eating here or at the newly opened Wild Flour beside it. Well, I do have the calamansi pie to still try! :D

Toby’s Estate
V Corporate Center, LP Leviste St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Instagram: @tobyestatePH

// listening to The Bird and The Bee – Undone


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