Beer + Boardgames

“So what do we do now?”

The question that Shani, Mike, and I tried to answer upon meeting in Greenbelt. We were too full from Charaptor and Toby’s Estate that we didn’t want to go to another resto or café. So saan na ang Evil Support Group meeting niyan?

“Wanna play boardgames,” Shani asked.

I was hesitant until she added, “May beer doon.”

Makati B&B is just walking distance from Ayala Center. Five minutes away lang siguro. Hindi ako napagod eh.

Truth be told, hindi ako mahilig magboard games and card games. Unless, yayain mo ako mag-monopoly or pusoy dos, then I will rip you apart.


Not that I don’t find ’em enjoyable. Siguro wala lang ako kalaro. (Oiiiiy, kawawa!) Until, of course, that Sunday afternoon. Maiba naman ng trip, so let’s go! May beer naman na buffer eh. :P


The first game that we played was Timeline. It was simple enough to play. A player is dealt with a starting hand of cards with an images and years that signify historical events. May upperhand ditto ang mga matatanda. Don’t play this if you want to lie about your age.


Next was Click Clack Lumberjack. the players just have to hit the plastic tree with the toy axe and knock of pieces of bark without knocking the tree over. This is a fun dexterity game that will test kung gaano ka kagaling sumibak… ng kahoy.


Next was Rhino Hero. The players are required to build a skyscraper of cards and move the rhino up the building. Game is over when the rhino falls. Looks cute and easy? Cute, yes. Easy, no. Kakapraning for someone who has heavy hands like me!


Then we played Hanabi. It’s a cooperative card game in which players, aware of other players’ cards but not their own, attempt to play a series of cards in a specific order. I liked it when we ran out of clue chips and we “had” to use facial expressions and tone of voice to give clues. Cooperative nga. Haha!


Then Get Bit. I don’t remember much of this game. Toss lang yata ng dice tapos move your mini doll and the one closest to the shark gets mutilated. (?) Wala ako kinalaman sa mga pose ng mga mini dolls dyan ha. Yung shark ang may pakana niyan. Nuninuninu.


Next was the game that made me feel like a bimbo.– Betrayal at House on the Hill. Players all begin as allies, exploring a haunted house filled with dangers, traps, items and omens. Uhhh… nose bleed! Must review and get ready for the next time I play this!


Buti na lang talaga may beer! They had 2 brews available that time, both craft beers- Katipunan Indio Pale Ale and Fat Pauly’s Ilaya Beer. Around 130php each. I liked the latter better because it’s hop-py. Woooow, 7% alcohol ba naman. Smooth, pero may whaaaapakk! Warning lang pala, do not go there if you want to eat a lot. They only have potato chips. :)


Last game was King of Tokyo. Players choose one of six monsters (I chose the Panda!) which comes with a scoring board. Rolling the dice will give player a chance to destroy or heal. It was a nice end to a night of gaming with my friends!


I had a really fun time at Makati B&B. I wanna try the other games. And they have a lot!!! Only 80php/person to play, so let’s go!!!

Thanks to my friends for bringing me there and to the guys of Makati B&B for playing with us. :)

Makati B&B
926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

// listening to Wolfgang – Cast of Clowns


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