Charaptor – San Antonio Village, Makati

Shani, my friend who lives in San Juan, invited me for lunch at Charaptor. Buffet daw. At nasa area ko lang. And I was like, “Ha? May buffet na malapit sa akin tapos nalaman ko pa sa taga-San Juan?” Oh, the shame. Sabi ko nga, hindi ako tunay na foodie. Matakaw lang talaga!  :P


True enough, Charaptor is very near my house. And it’s near two of my favorites- Pat Pat’s Kansi and Suzu Kin. Good job, San Antonio Village for having all these foodie finds! Low-key places with good and affordable food!


We got there around 11am and the place was already full of hungry people like us waiting for the buffet to begin. Good thing I wasn’t hangry (hungry + angry) yet when we went there because I didn’t know until that time that I was the one going to grill my own food.


There were veggies, pork, beef, chicken, and fish ready to be placed on your table grill. Some are marinated. There are almost a dozen kinds of sauces that you can pair with your grilled goodies. There’s also isaw, hotdogs, ham, and other processed food at the buffet table. Sayang paalis na kami nung nilabas nila yung longganisa.


The lunch buffet is only 299php and comes with unlimited rice and unlimited pineapple juice. Dinner is 399php, and I guess there are more choices in the dindin buffet. Meron rin a la carte, but what’s the fun in that? :p


My Charaptor buffet tips: 1. Don’t go there super hungry because it takes time to grill your lunch. Unless gusto mo kainin hilaw ‘yung mga andun. Good luck. 2. Wear comfy clothes because there’s no a/c and you will have to deal with hot coals at the middle of your table. Yes, old school ihaw-ihaw dito.


3. Don’t forget to brush oil on the griller and on your food so it won’t get charred. 4. Get lots of beef strips para sulit agad ang 299. Eat it with the teriyaki sauce or lemon-mint. 5. Huwag lumaklak ng maraming pineapple juice at lumaps ng sobrang daming rice kahit na unli ang mga ‘to para more tummy space for the buffet items.


6. If you’re as lazy as me, bring a friend who will be your willing grillmaster. Para kain ka na lang ng kain. Shani and I should have forced Mike to tag along. Hehehe. (Mike, if you’re reading this, please ‘wag mag-isip ng diet kapag kami ang kasama mo, ha? Hiyang-hiya kami sa iyo eh. :P)


Good experience in Charaptor.  Absolutely worth the price. Must remember to eat all the grilled goodies with beer next time. Bad trip lang na sobrang amoy ihaw-ihaw ako when we left.  So tip 7, magdala ng cologne at perfume and spray after eating here.

Pahabol– ang cute ng logo ng Charaptor. Dinosaur talaga. 😜 Look o–

9752 Kamagong cor Aranga Street,
San Antonio Village, Makati
02 8975133
Open from 6 AM to 2 AM (Mon), 10 AM to 2 AM (Tue-Sun)

// listening to U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday


17 thoughts on “Charaptor – San Antonio Village, Makati

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  2. been here. will rate 2. saw the fb add and thought it will be nice to try a filipino bbq buffet. not bad, except that it is a little bit tiring and too smoky to grill food(cant feel the use of the exhaust for each table) cause the charcoal that they will give you (the first one) is too mainit and the flame is too much and before you realize it, you start burning your food that is raw inside. (waste of food) so we requested them to assist us in changing it to a medium fire ( which takes about 10-15 minutes), this time it took us forever to cook the food naman. and I hope that the marinated bbqs (pork,chicken and beef will not be so salty. the variety of sauces is great, i like the green ones and the special sauce though. and by the way, I dont know why they said there were no more tables when there are lots of available seats upstairs (na akala ko not working cause of exhaust or something pero when it’s like 8pm na, they allowed people to come and use it). and, price I think is too much for P390-P380 if I remember it correctly, come to think of it, when you go to other buffet like TONG YANG (cost almost the same at lunch), there are wider variety of food and even dessert, like Matgalne which offers unlimited pork belly barbecue and lots of Korean food na 350 din (much cheaper) for lunch. And since it’s bbq nga it’s hot kasi it’s not smokeless so open air and walang airconditioner so. . anyway. thanks for the experience though it illl be the first and last.

    • True, there are other options. We go back to places naman for different reasons. I will go back naman because it’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s super near my house. :P Pero shempre sana magkaron ng inprovements sila. Anyway, relatively new pa lang naman ang Charaptor. Im sure they’ll do something to make their customers happy/happier.

      Thanks for the comment and have a happy Sunday! :)

    • Not familiar with the UST area. You should just be able to find your way to Buendia Makati and it should already be easy from there. Look at my reply to another comment above. Thanks!

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