Ramen @ Urameshi-Ya – Little Tokyo, Makati

My friend, who recently went to Japan and fell in love with the sights and sounds of Tokyo, wanted to eat at an authentic Japanese place in Makati. In my opinion, it’s Urameshi-Ya that looks so much like an izakaya among all the restos in Little Tokyo.


It was my first time to eat inside and not at the courtyard. Urameshi-Ya is known for being one of the best yakiniku places in the metro, that I never got to eat any of their other food until that night.


We had a deal to eat ramen Japanese-style. You know, with noisy slurps that announce you’re eating your noodles with much gusto. They only have several kinds of ramen available. The bestseller is their Enma Ramen with its levels 1 to Tangina This 20 of spiciness.


For appetizers, we were served mini sausages. Cheesedog daw sabi ni Mikmik. For a moment there, I wondered what was so Japanese about it. Anyway, masarap naman with my Coke. (That sana Share with your BFF na lang para swakto. 😛)


First to arrive among our picks was my potato salad. Loved this paired with the salmon sashimi we got from Oishinbo next door. I wonder why Urameshi-ya doesn’t sell sashimi. Good thing you can just order from the other restos and have it brought to your table.


Didn’t have to wait long for the ramen to be brought to our table. I got the Miso Ramen. Pretty satisfying with the firm noodles, flavorful broth, and tender pork slice.


Miko got the Enma Ramen, with a level 5 of spiciness. He ate it noisily, so I guess he enjoyed it pretty much. Ingay ingay, nakaka-distract. (Joke lang, hehe.) I tasted it and it was oishi indeed, but if I were to get it for me, I’ll go with spiciness level 3.


Also had some Saba Shioyaki or grilled mackerel with some salt. The fiah tasted fresh. I liked that it was barely seasoned. Liked it with Asahi Beer.


Over all, this Urameshi-Ya experience was really good, that I’d want to take my other friends there not only for the yakiniku, but also for the ramen.


Urameshi-ya Yakiniku Restaurant
Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street (beside Makati Cinema Square)
(02) 8132210

// listening to The Expendables 3


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