Tarragon Tea

While my mother likes tanglad or lemongrass steeped for tea, I prefer tarragon. It’s one of my favorite herbs, because I like the shape and shade of its leaves. Oo na, superficial ako. Hehe.


I recently brought home a pot of the French variety. This one is better for culinary purposes. I have no idea about the better benefits of the Russian tarragon. I just know that it’s more robust.

If you’re thinking of planting some in your garden, remember that it likes sunlight and doesn’t need excessive watering. Another thing you have to remember about tarragon is that it’s rich in antioxidants so it is good for you.


Boil some water and throw in some leaves for an after-meal tea. I like its sweet smell and taste. It reminds me of anise. You can also drink it before eating because it’s an appetite stimulant.

// listening to Wolfgang – Arise


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