Yakimix – Greenbelt

Last month, (yes, this is another super late post) Ate B requested that her birthday dinner be at Yakimix so that she can finally experience it.


It was easy for me to say yes, because of course, request ng birthday girl eh (hehehe) and I haven’t destroyed my diet by buffet in quite a while.


To see my first blog about Yakimix, you can check out this link. Yakimix serves Japanese food predominantly. Then there’s some Koren and Chinese food, too.


I was surprised to see some pinoy dishes like lechon kawali and sisig, and some western treats like pizza and nachos when I went there with Ate B and Kichi (also a July birthday girl).


For me, the technique to get my money’s worth in the Yakimix Sunday Dinner Buffet that costs 700php is to eat as much salmon sashimi and grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus as I can.


Also go easy on the unlirice and unlidrinks. Also just a cup of miso soup and just a small bowl of sukiyaki to maximize the tummy space. Hehehe.


Their dessert section, no matter how colorful, is still so-so. You might enjoy the ice cream and chocolate fondue(-fonduhan) all you can though. I liked the gummy worms and leche flan. Weird combo, but so what.


Likes about this last Yakimix experience apart from the wonderful company, were the fresh salmon (freshest among my x number of visits here) and the sauteed green beans. The lechon kawali was also good.


I wish they’d always make sure that the sukiyaki is hot (It was lukewarm when I had it… Blech) and that they also have tuna sahimi available.


Lastly, we just want to point out that they really have a weird Twitter handle.

Oh well. Vikings and Buffet 101, wait for us!

// listening to Metallica – Enter Sandman


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