Mandarin Deli – Makati

Have been swamped with loads of work that need to be accomplished in shifting schedules, so I have been terribly busy and quite out of the loop lately.


I had to make time for Mandarin though, as the iconic hotel is about to close after almost 40 years of operations.


I went to the Mandarin Deli one morning that I was craving for something rich and chocolatey.


If I weren’t craving for a specific kind of cake, I would have had my all time favorite– their cheesecake!


I’ve always like the Mandarin Deli because they serve good pcakes, breads, and pastries. Their coffee is also intense yet smooth and delicious.


This is a bit pricier but a much nicer alternative to cake and coffee at Starbucks or the likes.


I had a petite Sacher Torte. This intensely chocolate cake is named after the famous Viennese hotel. It’s dark and delicious. It also has apricot jam! I loved it!


The torte went extremely well with the coffee. The brew was served with a fruit and pistachio bread stick. Cake and coffee for 400+, not bad at all.


Ending my breakfast at the Mandarin Deli was a surprising and uplifting Bible verse. This made the breakfast much much more memorable. :)


Too bad I’d have to wait for 2020 when the new Mandarin Oriental will re-open when I get to have this experience again. Anyway, until then, Mandarin!

// listening to Stevie Nicks – Landslide (Acoustic)


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