The Butcher Shop & Pub – BGC, Taguig


The Butcher Shop & Pub is the newest gastropub in the metro. Just a few days old when I went there yesterday to see my favorite person Tricia, and her friends Anton, Mike, and Paolo. (Hi guys!!!)


It was a spur of the moment trip to BGC and I was still full from my dinner of spicy tuna pasta (recipe to follow) that I only got me some Farmer’s Pâté (250php). It was this or the Dumaguete Sisig.


The Farmer’s Pâté is pork wrapped in bacon, shitake and pistachio with jam and toast. And yeah, you’re right. It had me at bacon. :p This chow from the Longford Bar list was a good pair with my Lychee Amaretto (150php). You know me, I love sweet-savory combos.


I am not so fond of lychees, but surprisingly, I loved the amaretto. Sweet, smooth, and strong. I also liked their Classic Margarita (150php). The Long Beach Iced Tea (160php) was so-so.


They have an unlimited-cocktails promo now for only 700php. Not bad at all for the quality of their drinks. Thought of availing it last night, but I had to exercise self control. If only I didn’t have an early call time this morning! :p


They have Katipunan Beer. Have been hearing a lot of good reviews about it, like it’s citrusy and can kick your ass. Hehe! Unfortunately, I believe that I should not mix my drinks, so I would have to try this ale next time along with their steak. You can create your own steak here at The BS. Choose the meat, the cut, the rubs, the sides, and the brush-ons.


Dessert, dessert, dessert… Didn’t notice any dessert in their menu. :( I hope there will already be choices on my next visit. Chocolate mud mousse or sticky toffee pudding maybe?


There was a dj last night that gave us hits from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Ah… sounds from the college days. Really good background music while we discussed comic books, Magic cards, charter change, photography, and the horrid tacky gown of Nancy Binay.

Will be going to The Butcher Shop & Pub again. For now, will check the latest about The BS from: Facebook/Twitter/Instragram = thebspub

The Butcher Shop & Pub
Lane P Corner 9th Avenue (near Agave),
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City


Thanks to Paolo Dolina of the Ayala Alabang Camera Club for the first photo (not the header image) and for teaching me how to adjust the lighting of my Z1. :D

// listening to Tamia – So Into You


3 thoughts on “The Butcher Shop & Pub – BGC, Taguig

  1. You had me at create your own steak! A lychee amaretto doesn’t sound bad too. Will check this out this weekend. Thanks, Iya!

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