Jolly Jeep Valero – Salcedo Village, Makati

Almost seven years ago, when I started working here in Makati…

Workmate: Hindi ka naman maarte, di’ba?
Me: Lintek. Hindi noh!
Workmate: O tara, lunch tayo sa Jolly Jeep!
Me: Jollibee? Can we go to McDonald’s instead?
Workmate: Jollibee ka dyan! JOLLY JEEP!!!

Hindi ako maarte! Medyo bingi lang! Anyway… I had my first Jolly Jeep that day. I believe I had bicol express, 2 cups of rice (kain construction worker pa ako 7 years ago), and turon.


It was a good first time, meaning the food was good and cheap and I did not get food poisoning. :D Over the years, I have frequented these food stalls that are like a more pang-masa version of foodtrucks. Obviously, Jolly Jeeps are not for the squeamish. Some Jolly Jeeps sell delicious lutong-bahay food, and some sell bland gunk that can give you tummy aches (at the very least). It’s really a hit or miss thing.


That is why my favorite branch (yes, braaaaanch) is the one in Valero. The second stall from the corner of Valero-Dela Costa. Yung kay ate na payat. :P It’s my favorite because most of their dishes are good. I especially like the ginataang pagi (stingray in coconut milk), ginataang mutang papaya (green papaya in coconut milk), and crispy liempo and porkchop. Gaaaad. Ang sarap ng crispy pork nila!


Their crispy liempo is 70php (dami ng servings, pwedeng pang dalawang tao) and can pass for something resto-bought. Bibigyan ka nila ng free ensalada with this (red onion, tomatoes, and cilantro in vinegar) which is a great pair with the savory pork. That or the usual toyomansi with tiniris na siling labuyo. Pak! Sarap! The chopseuy in the photo below is a half-order. I think I only paid 15php for that.


I like it with fried rice'(15php yata), something they have the entire day I guess, because they sell breakfast food like hotdog, longanisa, and the likes 24/7. The only thing I don’t like about eating here is that they don’t have Coca-Cola products. They have Pepsi, Sting or Cobra, and water. Service water: drink at your own risk!


Other must-try dishes from this Valero Jolly Jeep is ate’s sisig (not the crispy kind, lots of ginger) and their pinakbet.

Jolly Jeep Valero
2nd stall from Valero-Dela Costa Streets
Near Commune and that sushi dimsum place

// listening to Wolfgang Gartner – Redline


4 thoughts on “Jolly Jeep Valero – Salcedo Village, Makati

  1. memory lane! we used to frequent jolly jeeps at nieva st (back of bpi family) during the 90’s. i like better the old jolly jeeps before which were customzied pyera. sarap ng banana cue at turon nila :)

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