J.Boy Japanese Fast Food – Makati

One day na nag-taksil ako sa Cash & Carry and nag-grocery shopping sa Shopwise, nag-taksil na rin ako sa McDonald’s and had my merienda in J.Boy.


It’s in Metropolitan Street Vito Cruz extension cor. Pasong Tamo, in front of the old IAME, across Chowking. There’s a hawker place near J.Boy that I was gonna try, but a friend told me food there sucks.


For a fastfood not that known yet, there are a lot of items on J.Boy’s menu. Several kinds of maki, sushi, tempura, ramen, bento meals, etc.


I liked their potato salad (65php). It was tasty even if it wasn’t heavy on the dressing.


Paired the salad with a California Combo (200php) that has California roll, shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura (eggplant, onion, sweet potato, kangkong), miso soup, and a glass of Pepsi.


I don’t mind having everything in that combo again. Nothing spectacular, but the food’s better than the tasteless gunk Tokyo Tokyo has been serving in the past few years. Anyway, here’s their menu–


Their website says “Masarap na, mura pa.”. I say, “Pwede na. Pwede naming ulitin.” I’m gonna get the Japanese Halo-halo and the Chopseuy Ramen next time.


Just a head’s up (or warning!!!), J.Boy’s playlist include the Japanese version of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca.


1203 Vito Cruz Ext. Cor. Pasong Tamo,
Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Savana Complex, Makati
02-403-8774, 0917-8945483 (They deliver!!!)

// listening to Broken Bells – Holding On For Life


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