BON Banhmi – San Antonio Village, Makati


I read somewhere that Bon Banhmi serves the best Vietnamese sandwiches in Metro Manila. I have nothing to compare it, really, except to the banhmi I eat in Morong, Bataan. A lot of Vietnamese refugees were in Morong almost two decades ago and there are still some stores that sell Vietnamese dishes there.


BON Banmhi is along Mayapis St., San Antonio Village. It’s very near Aranga St. If you’re coming from the riles area (how sosyal-sounding, hehehe), it’s a 5-minute walk. It’s owned and operated by Anne, a Vietnamese lady whose birthday is December 4. BON is 4 in Vietnamese.


Their bestseller is the Traditional Banhmi which has ham, shredded pork, pig’s head paste, vegetables, and their special sauce. Other sandwiches have fried chicken floss, grilled beef, or roasted pork. A medium sandwich is 79php, while the large is 99php.


Sadly, they ran out of goi cuon on the afternoon that I was there. Goi cuon pala is spring rolls. I’ve always called it chagio. Chagio pala is the fried variety. Sorry naman! :P


I paired my large banhmi with Artichoke Tea. It was ok for 59php. It tasted more like calamansi than artichoke, though. Anyway, it’s good to lower cholesterol and to detoxify liver they said. They also have coffee, which I will try next time. Isn’t Vietnam known for their smooth and strong coffee? Masarap daw yung brown coffee nila eh.


And as for the reason why I went there, gosh, I loved their banhmi. Saraaaap! sarap na mauulit! I wasn’t surprised at all that I liked it. I like the Bataan-style banhmi, so ýung authentic pa ba ang hindi ko magustuhan? :P The baguette was freshly made. The sauce was tasty. It’s the perfect bread-palaman ratio. It’s yummy and filling.


I’ve added BON Banhmi on my list of must-visit holes in the (San Antonio Village) wall. Delish, cheap, friendly and quick! And who knows? They might even add more Vietnamese dishes, like my favorite hu tieu someday! (Please!!!)

BON Banhmi
8390 Mayapis Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
02 808 7979 (They deliver!!! FREE delivery P300+ to the entire of Makati)
Open daily 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

// listening to The Cardigans – Carnival


9 thoughts on “BON Banhmi – San Antonio Village, Makati

  1. Speaking of Vietnamese, try Ba Noi’s Vietnamese resto in Makati [beside Mom & Tina’s near Greenbelt]. Highly recommended: Pho Ga. Courteous & attentive staff too. Walang sinabi yung Pho Ga ng Pho Hoa.

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  4. Good news to the Makati yuppies! They now have a stall at the GT Tower food court, 12th floor. GT Tower is located along Ayala Avenue, Makati.

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