Bellychon – Greenbelt


Donnie and I wanted to try Bellychon in Greenbelt 1 last Holy Thursday, but the place was packed, so we ended up eating at David’s Tea House. We were able to try it a couple of Fridays ago with Karen and Colleen.


There aren’t a lot choices, but it’s okay. We came there solely for the lechon anyway. I like lechon Cebu better than the regular lechon. Karen and I ordered the spicy lechon. Regular lechon for Donnie. Sizzling lechon or was it lechon paksiw for Colleen?


The air smelled like tanglad (lemongrass) that made me hungrier and more pissed because of the long wait for the food. Parang nakalimutan pa nga nila ýung food ni Colleen. kawawa kasi she was the hungriest among us. Sucky service!


The Bellychon Meal was unsatisfying. The skin wasn’t crispy. Horrifying, isn’t it? The meat was tender, sure, but it wasn’t particularly juicy. It wasn’t that tasty either. I tried making it better with the sauce, but it didn’t really work, because the sauce wasn’t that good either. I was also confused that they served liver sauce with it. Isn’t Cebu lechon paired with vinegar or just stand alone?


Colleen’s food that took 20minutes to be brought to her looked like s***. Didn’t bother to ask her if it was good. Hers and ours was not the kind of Cebu lechon I was expecting.


We had a better time filling out tummies in Chili’s Greenbelt 5 were we went to after the belly bad Bellychon dinner.


Bellychon has branches at Shopwise Libis, Shangri-La Mall, and Festival Mall.

// listening to Bruno Mars – All She Knows


3 thoughts on “Bellychon – Greenbelt

  1. hi iya! have you tried general’s lechon? guess it’s way better there, i normally order from them and they serve meals at their Petron Dasma Village branch. try it next :)

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