Shinjuku and Oishinbo – Little Tokyo, Makati

Kiper, my friend from a land far away called Quezon City, kindly went to Makati to bring my favorite calamansi muffins from Real Coffee Boracay. And because he said he’s in the mood to eat some ramen, I brought him to Little Tokyo. (Well more of, pinapunta ko siya doon. Amazing, one can send her location’s coordinates using Viber pala noh. I digress. Haha.)


What better place in Makati should I bring a tourist that’s craving for Japanese food? For those who have not been to Little Tokyo yet, it’s a compound along Pasong Tamo, with maybe, a dozen Japanese restos. I was planning on bringing him to Oishinbo, but I was busy looking for ice cream in the grocery beside Choto Stop, that he went to Shinjuku. Which kinda defeated the point of me bringing him to Little Tokyo, because there’s a Shinjuku in Katipunan. :P


Anyhoodles, long before ramen places mushroomed all over the metro, Shinjuku has already been serving delicious ramen and other Japanese favorites. This is one of my Daddy’s favorite restos, so it’s kinda close to my heart… and my stomach. I just haven’t been going to Little Tokyo a lot lately. Ang dami na nga kasing bago, but Little Tokyo will always be my fave. :)


Had some salmon sashimi as we waited for our ramen. Not really sure if their salmon is as good as the ones in Reserve. Kiper insists that the salmon sashimi in that Pasig bar is very good. I attempted to eat 1 calamansi muffin as I waited for the noodles, but the waiter said may corkage fee. Ganen? So I put half of the muffin back in the box and patiently waited for the ramen. Buti na lang, it arrived in less than 15 minutes upon the order placement.


I had a regular Karakuchi Negi. It has chashu, leeks, and zasai or pickled mustard. It’s miso-based and spicy, but not as spicy as Kiper’s ramen. And definitely not as spicy as the horrible ramen I had in Kuroda in BF. I liked my ramen, with its tender pork and springy noodles.


Kiper had the Gekikara. It’s like my ramen, but much spicier. And with more veggies. I’m sure he liked it because he ate everything. I’m also sure it’s really spicy because he was almost sweating profusely by the time he finished it. Hehehe.


The price range of their ramen bowls is from 260 to 450php. You can choose between regular or large. I say the regular one is already good for 2 people. Get that and get one or two orders of sashimi or sushi. I was happy with my regular bowl, because I still had space left for beer. :D


We headed to Oishinbo but I had to force him to have his photo taken at the Little Tokyo. Ganon talaga kapag first timer dito. Dapat may picture doon. Here’s mine. :p Daaaayyymmm! Throwback!


Was at Oishinbo for some SMLs and of course, to go with the theme, some Kirin beer. Late realization, why didn’t we have sake? :P


I like the sashimi better in Oishinbo than Shinjuku. Next time I will judge if their ramen is also better. Oishinbo is beside Urameshi-Ya, one of the best yakiniku places in Makati.



Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street (beside Makati Cinema Square)

02 8191242

02 8943744

// listening to Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars


3 thoughts on “Shinjuku and Oishinbo – Little Tokyo, Makati

  1. Hi Iya! I love reading your blog! Nakakagutom! Oh how I wish I can visit all the holes in the wall you go to and how I wish that I will stay as thin as you are even if I had that kind of appetite!

    Take care, pretty girl! Keep on writing! I’ll definitely visit Little Tokyo soon. I will also have my picture taken by the sign. Hahahahahahaha!

    • Awww, thanks! :) Akala mo lang I’m thin, but I am getting kinda chubby na. Enjoy your visit to Little Tokyo! Please click on the links in this post so you’ll be directed to my other Little Tokyo posts. :)

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