Blé Greek Kouzina – BF Homes, Paranaque

There’s a new resto along Aguirre in BF that serves authentic Greek and Turkish food. It’s called Blé. It’s owned by Yiannis (he’s Greek!) who’s also the resident chef of Blé and his Turkish wife who’s a pastry chef. The tiny, but pretty resto is almost across Atoy’s Porkchop and Tavern Asia.


Blé means blue in Greek and I like saying Blé because it reminds me of my favorite thing to do– stick my tongue out. Like this :P (If you know me, then you should know that I like making belat!) Anywaaaaay, the blue circles on their wall is for warding off bad spirits, btw.


We went to Blé for some a light dinner before drinking in another relatively new spot, Avenue 75. I was heartbroken (shed tears, two drops, left eye… hehehe) when they said they’re out of lambchops. Someone ordered all of the lambchops just half an hour before we arrived. Note to self: call before going to Blé to make sure there are lambchops. And gemista (stuffed bellpeppers). And baklava. :)


First we has was the Babaganush (150php), it’s made of roasted eggplants, tahini and garlic. It’s served with pitta bread. For an appetizer, this was already filling.


The Midye Tava (200php)is beer-battered, deep fried mussels. This had me at BEER-battered. This is served with Skordalia which is Greek potato with garlic. Lots of garlic. I liked the mussels, but I liked the potatoes more.


Had some souvlakia (plural of souvlaki) pitta. This is a popular streetfood in Greece. This is their shawarma. Calling it souvlaki, I think, would only pertain to the skewered meat or vegetables. :)


We had the Regular Chicken Souvlaki (150php) and the Zeus Souvlaki (250php). Other choices for the regular are wagyu beef and lamb. Zeus has both chicken and beef skewers. And well, it did taste mighty good. Hehe. :p


For dessert, we had the Loukoumades (100php). It’s deep fried dough with honey and cinnamon. Very simple yet very delicious. I think this will go well with vanilla ice cream.


Enzo, Colleen, Yiannis (the owner), and I

They also sell in the weekend markets in Salcedo and Legaspi. At least I don’t have to go all the way to BF for their lambchops and baklava. :)

You can check out their complete menu here and here.

Real Greek Food
188 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque
09178339271, 09177217488
Facebook: MyBigFatGreekKouzina

// listening to balance and the Traveling Sounds – Something About Us (Daft Punk cover)


5 thoughts on “Blé Greek Kouzina – BF Homes, Paranaque

  1. The zeus souvlaki sounds mighty good indeed!
    BF is too far from me, but I’ll look for this in salcedo. Thanks for the tip!

  2. How come you’re in the south often? We should meet up! we should have a food adventure date or something. i’ll look for Ble in Aguirre this weekend. i think I also wanna try the Zeus souvlakie. Do they have Aphrodite or Hera? (“,)

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