Suzu Kin – San Antonio Village, Makati

Just a few steps away from Pat Pat’s Kansi is Suzu Kin. It’s where I went to when my craving for bulalo suddenly shifted to soba or udon.


This modest, cafeteria-looking resto has been in San Antonio Village, Makati for the past 30 years. They recently opened a branch in Kamuning, Quezon City. Balita ko, may videoke doon. :D


Last I ate there, I had the Nigiri Sushi (tuna, maya-maya, shrimp, crab meat, sweet beaten egg on sushi rice) and Nabiyaki Soba. The sushi was so-so. The fish wasn’t as fresh as I wanted it to be, but I liked the rice that they used. Hindi buhaghag. Sticky. Sushi rice talaga. :p I think this was 165php.


I like that they served the soba in a iron pot, because I just hate seeing my soup turn cold, or even room temp. The Nabiyaki (175php) has thin brown noodles (the soba) with chicken, shrimp, egg, and vegetables. This is one of the bestsellers and it did taste like one. :)


But wait! Just in case you’re wondering what the heck is the difference between soba and udon (I still sometimes get confused), soba is made from buckwheat flour and has a sorta nutty flavor. Udon is the thick, chewy, soft noodles, and has a neutral flavor. And while we’re at it, ramen is also made of wheat, but much thinner and longer than udon and have a nice chewy bite when cooked.


The waitress recommended that I put some chili powder in my soba and it did make the already delicious dish turn yummier. Naubos ko ito even if I was already full from the sushi. :D


For dessert, I had their Coffee Jelly. Isa pa itong masarap. Lots of chewy, coffee jelly topped with cookies and cream ice cream. This isn’t bad for 98php at all. I heard their Green Tea Ice Cream Tempura is also good, but I didn’t notice if it’s in the Makati menu.


Other dishes that I reco are their oyster butter, sukiyaki, pork shoga yaki or pork with ginger, and atsuage or fried tofu. It’s definitely a place for affordable Japanese food, so even if you order a lot, you won’t feel like you’re really splurging. :) But they also have a set meal for 145php if you’re more budget-conscious than me. :p


Suzu Kin
9753 Kamagong cor Sampaloc St.
San Antonio, Makati
02 896-7143

// listening to Avicii – I Could Be The One


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