Loleng’s Hutieu-an sa Binaritan – Morong, Bataan

Whenever I’m home for the weekend, I see to it that I spend at least one merienda at Loleng’s Hutieu-an. This noodle place is in Barangay Binaritan in Poblacion, Morong, Bataan. A lot of people who visit the beach resorts in our quiet town drop by here.


Our house is just 10 minutes away by foot. I invited Mama to eat with me last I was home and I was surprised that it was her first time to eat at Loleng’s, considering she’s born and raised in Morong and has been based there since we left Paranaque in 2008. Hence, asar talo siya sa akin. :p


Now you might be wondering, what’s a hu tieu? Think of it a cousin of pho. It’s pronounced as hoo tee-u, although I hear the elders in Morong say it as ho-cho. :p It’s a Vietnamese noodle dish with pork or chicken, vegetables, and broth. I love the soup because it’s a fantastic medley of sweet, savory and spicy. I think it’s because of the pork and chicken stock mixed with the caramelized onions and of course, a hint of chili.


So now, your next question probably is, why there’s a place (a few places, actually) in Morong that serves Vietnamese food. You see, some time in the early 1980’s, there were Vietnamese refugees (and some Laotians and Cambodians) who lived in Morong before they were brought to other countries like US and Canada for permanent resettlement.


Aling Loleng was a former refugee camp worker who learned some of their recipes, turning it into a business years after the refugees moved out. The most popular among the dishes they left us, is the hutieu. I usually have a regular bowl with extra egg. I like this with extra chili and a bit of soy sauce. I prefer the pork hutieu than the chicken, and mungbean sprout than pechay.


Another thing I like here is their cha gio. This is the Vietnamese Spring Roll. We got the one with noodles so it’s bun cha gio. If I’m not mistaken, the bun tit nuong is noodles with meat like tocino? I decided against getting that because the name sounds funny. But tit nuong. Wala lang. :p Anyway, Mama also liked the cha gio, but thinks my cousin’s version of it is better. Well, Ate Maribel does make a mean cha gio. :)


And then, I had a banh mi with my hu tieu. The bahn mi is actually a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread, but in Morong, it specifically refers to the sandwich. I think the complete name for this sandwich is banh mi thịt nguoi. It has ham (or cold cuts), vegetables (usually lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and wansuy) and pate or liver spread. The traditional bread used for this is a baguette, but at Loleng’s the bread used is the freshly baked tinapay made by Kuya Enteng, the most popular panadero in town. :D


Besides the Filipinized Vietnamese dishes, Loleng’s also serves other favorites like spaghetti, pansit bihon, pansit palabok, and halo-halo. I’ve tried all of their other non-Vietnamese food and the pansit palabok is my favorite. Mama had this for her merienda this afternoon. She liked it. Simot sarap!


We were super busog from our merienda and we spent less than 200php for everything. Well, I think I paid 250pho because I bought a pack of chocovron or chocolate polvoron para pasalubong namin kay Daddy, baka kasi magtampo kasi hindi namin sinama. Hehehe! I really recommend that you look for this humble eatery when you are vacationing in Morong. There are other hutieu places in town but Loleng’s is, hands down, the best.


See you in Morong! :D

// listening to Los Lonely Boys – Staying With Me


11 thoughts on “Loleng’s Hutieu-an sa Binaritan – Morong, Bataan

    • Great! I hope you enjoy your trip. Resorts, if you want a place near the Poblacion, you can check out the resorts in Crossing (I recommend East West) and if you want to go to Panibatuhan, White Corrals is okay. :)

  1. well, hey! you’ve got a friend here in Morong sounds interesting to read including your Macopa and especially you touched the most sikat na food we inherited from Vietnamese. that is also the way of promoting our beloved hometown. Thanks a lot Iya…

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  5. Banh mi is baguette. Banh mi thit is pork sandwich in baguette, banh mi ga is chicken sandwich in baguette – you get the idea.

    Banh may refer to any bread, or more accurately, any food made from flour. So banh cuon is wet pancake, banh bao is siopao, banh xeo is pancakes (rough translation), etc.

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