Ang Macopa. Bow.

Macopa (scientific name: syzygium samaragenense) is one of the items on my very short list of fruits I eat. Sabi nga ni Mama, “Anak, mga gusto mong prutas, puro wa klas.” You know, wa klas… no class… cheap. :P If I call it wax apple or mountain apple, parang pang-mayaman na ba? :P


It’s a childhood favorite. I liked it better than aratilis. (Naks, pang-Throwback Thursday!) I remember going to the house of my Mama’s kumare (Tita Emmy) to ask for some. They had a macopa tree in front of their house in Mariveles. They said, it’s lucky to plant it because it will ensure love in the family. Love because it’s pink. Pink… heart… love…? Oh well. I’m not superstitious, but i’d love to have one in our garden just because I think it looks pretty.


I read somewhere about the Legend of The Macopa. The alamat (legend) goes that there was a town somewhere in Ilocos that had a very beautiful church with a majestic church bell. Blah blah blah blah. Some goons stole the church bell and the townspeople became sad. After so many years, an unusual tree with bell-shaped fruits grew near the church. They remembered their beloved missing churchbell and dug up the ground and found it near the odd tree. Baduy! Hahaha! Sorry, i just think there are far better legends out there. :P


Anyhoodles, I saw a macopa tree at my Tita Vina’s lot when we visited our farm a few weeks ago. I had no basket with me, but it didn’t matter. No basket? No problem! Use your shirt! I did! And it was fun! :D Please excuse my tummy, kaka-lunch ko lang when my mother took that pic. :D


I was pretty satisfied with my harvest. When I got home, I washed it and popped it in the fridge. I like eating chilled macopa. Crisp, cool macopa. Sarap! I ate it while watching Gandang Gabi Vice. Yung episode na si Coco Martin ang guest niya. :P Coco Martin pala is from Coco Lee and Ricky Martin? Who would’ve thought?!


Uhhh… going back… (wa klas talaga, hahaha) some eat it with sugar, but I prefer to eat it with some rock salt. And you know what, according to a study made in Hawaii, the fruit contains protein, sugars, and an appreciable amount of calcium,phosphorus, B1, B2 and B3. How’d I know that? Because I’m very smart. Of course, I googled!


Other things about it that I mined from the web are: in Cambodia, it’s used to treat fever, and in Puerto Rico, it’s used to make table wines. Macopa wine is actually pretty interesting. :D

// listening to Young MC – Know How


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