Ramen Kuroda – BF Homes, Paranaque

Friends from BF Homes told me to try this ramen place in Aguirre, so I did. Basta usapang pagkain, madali ako kausap. :p I thought I’d have a super late lunch there before I hear mass in Phase 1, but it’s still closed! Waaaah! I had to wait for 5:30pm, so I went to Pergola and Ruins first to eat. Good thing the BFF was available late in the afternoon so he managed to accompany me at the Ressurrection Parish to hear mass and to Ramen Kuroda for dinner.


Ramen Kuroda is near the Aguirre-Elizalde intersection. It’s near another Japanese resto, Hanakazu. Other establishments near Kuroda are Mulligan’s (the 3rd one) and Magnum Opus Fine Coffees.


We arrived around 6:30pm so it was still easy for us to get a table. There was already a short line outside an hour after.


I had a Ramen Set which consists of a bowl of regular ramen, tori teriyakidon, chawan mushi, tsukemono, and a mini salad. The tori teriyaki was delicious, but the chicken was a bit tough. I disliked  the chawanmushi (not silky enough) and the tsukemono didn’t taste like it was made in a Japanese kitchen. The fruit salad was okay. But then again, weh… fruit salad in my ramen set? Okaaaaay.


I wanted something spicy so I chose the Aka Chashumen to go with the set. I like spicy food, admittedly though, my tolerance for it isn’t Bicolana-high. This was too much for me. It’s the kind of spicy that can’t be adjusted. The spiciness permeated the noodles, so I only ate some of it. The pork, in fairness was very tender. I didn’t get to enjoy the soup. Too spicy. :,( I only got to eat maybe a third of the ramen.


One of my friends said their Aka Ramen isn’t so spicy, but this friend can drink a bottle of Sriracha so I don’t really value his opinion. Hehe. I don’t know, an isolated case, I guess? Donnie got the Kuro Chashumen (360php), and this was good. Loved the perfect balance of salty-smoky from the soft pork belly and black sesame seeds. I’m ordering this if I do go back here.


Ended the meal with some Red Bean Kaki Gori (120php). Satisfactory but forgettable. I should have ordered sake to make the experience instantly worth the trip. :p I’m sure there are some dishes here that are really good, otherwise, my friends wouldn’t have recommended it to me. I just don’t see myself eating here again if I have an option to just go to Yushoken in Alabang.


Donichiwa agrees. Right, bes? Just say Hai!


Ramen Kuroda
96 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque
02 5536824

// listening to Cassie – Sound of Love


7 thoughts on “Ramen Kuroda – BF Homes, Paranaque

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  3. I’ve always wanted to try this resto so I dragged my family there. I want my ramen noodles to be chewy & authentic (like Santouka) however, it’s not :(

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