Pat Pat’s Kansi – San Antonio Village, Makati

The outrageous heat did not stop me from going out of the house at 2 in the afternoon to walk to Sampaloc St. and have my fill of bulalo. Kansi to be exact.


Kansi is Iloilo’s version of bulalo or bone marrow soup, and they say that Pat Pat’s is one of the best places that serve this Ilonggo favorite


The place wasn’t packed when I went because it was already almost afternoon merienda. I felt so alone, kasi i was really alone. :p Haha, tapos may mga nagde-date pa sa paligid ko. Boy-boy, girl-girl pa. :p


Dedmadela na ma-judge na mag-isa na matakaw. I ordered a bowl of kansi bulalo, fresh lumpia, rice, blueberry cheesecake, and Coke. You can check the prices at the menu below.


It was my first time to eat kansi and I was surprised that there were no veggies not even pechay in it. Pero okay lang, the gargantuan bone with peeking marrow instantly made up for the lack of other ingredients.


Pat Pat’s provide a knife so you can cut and scrape off the meat, and a stick so you can poke the marrow and pull it out. Look at that light yellow marrow. Loooooookkkk! Buti na lang nakaligtas ako sa heatsroke at hindi rin ako na heart attack dahil sa Pat Pat’s late lunch ko. Nyahaha!


There’s also a decent amount of meat that’s in my kansi bowl. And the meat was very tender and flavorful. I didn’t even need to dip it in my chili toyomansi. The soup of the kansi is kinda tangy, almost like sinigang. I still like the Batangas-style bulalo better, but I also find this Iloilo-style of bulalo delicious. Namit guid man!


While my appreciation for kansi is behind my appreciation for the bulalo from Batangas, the Ilonggo fresh lumpia is #1 on my list. I especially like Pat Pat’s lumpia because they used a lot of garlic! Just in case you haven’t eaten Ilonggo fresh lumpia yet, there’s mainly ubod in it. Ubod is palm heart. Yes, hindi lang saging ang may puso. (Baduuuuyyyyyy.)


The only thing I did not like was their blueberry cheesecake. The crust had lumpy parts, and there were also parts na crushed graham lang. The cheesecake was disappointingly thin and did not even taste like there’s cream cheese in it. I should have just ordered leche flan. :\


Anyway, apart from the terrible cheesecake, I plan to have the same meal again at Pat Pat’s. Hopefully, they already have the Chicken Isol when I come back. Isol is pwet. I heard it’s also namit guid! :p


Pat Pat’s Kansi
Sampaloc Corridor,
Kamagong Street, San Antonio,
02 8906179
10 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Sat), Sunday Closed

// listening to No Doubt – Push and Shove


7 thoughts on “Pat Pat’s Kansi – San Antonio Village, Makati

  1. Masarap diyan, pero yung laman ang lagi naming ino-order. Buti na lang hindi pa nasubukan ang cheesecake. Mukhang hindi na nga namin masusubukan.
    God bless!

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