Revisiting Don Bosco’s Coffee & Saints Café


After attending mass in St. John Bosco Parish, I went straight to the coffeeshop outside to grab me some brunchiender. You know, breakfast-lunch-merienda-dinner. Haha, I was asleep almost the entire weekend and didn’t have the desire to eat until that Sunday afternoon. :p


I already blogged about Coffee & Saints May of last year. To copy-paste what I wrote in that entry, “Coffee & Saints is one of the livelihood projects of Don Bosco Pugad Center for Poor and Needy Migrants. It’s also one of their means to serve the parishioners. Whatever the coffeeshop earns is used to augment the funds needed for the center.” So good to quote myself. :p


I ordered Pares nina John Paul II at John XXIII, and I had their halo-halo (80php) while I waited for my pares. I wondered where the ingredients were when I saw the hao-halo. I was told by one of the staff that it’s Razon’s-style. Meaning it only has macapuno, bananas, leche flan, milk, and very fine ice. Ang sarap, especially the leche flan!


The cafe honors the saints by naming some of their meals after them. The pares (100php) was named of course after 2 of the most recently canonized saints of the Catholic Church. The meat was tender and you can really taste the ginger in the sauce. I liked this as well as the fried rice that was served with it.


And because I was really hungry, I also had some St. Martha’s Pancakes (75php). It was okay, but I wanted it fluffier, and with the syrup served separately. :) It’s served with 1 fried egg (forgot to ask if it can be scrambled instead of sunny side up) and perfectly crispy bacon. Sana pwede mag-order ng extra bacon! :D


I was surprised when I saw the parish priest Rev. Fr. David Buenaventura at the table next to me. Si Father Dave ‘yung nag-misa sa 4pm service that I attended, so when I approached him para mag-bless, his first question to me was, “Nag-mass ka na?” Buti na lang, YES ang sagot ko, kung hindi baka sa confession box derecho ko! Hehehe!


Father Dave’s drink of choice that afternoon was a giant glass of iced tea. I don’t remember what kind it was though. The bestseller is the Green Lantern or the Malunggay Citrus Tea. The Poison Ivy has mangosteen. Adam & Eve has apple juice. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I had their malunggay coffee before.


I had to stop myself from getting a plate of pansit palabok or miki because gluttony is bad. :p I just took a photo of this pansit and lumpiang shanghai. I think I know what I’m having next. Those two or King David’s Chicken and bibingka. :D


Hopefully, they’ll already have a Batman drink when I return. :D

Coffee & Saints Cafe
Monday – Saturday – 7am to 8pm
Sunday – 6am to 10pm

* The display image of this entry is from Fr. Dave’s Facebook page.

// listening to Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars


4 thoughts on “Revisiting Don Bosco’s Coffee & Saints Café

  1. Nakakatuwa naman ang names ng food. Bakit daw kay St Marta pinangalan yung pancakes?

    Thanks for this. I know what to order when I go there. Halo-halo! Havent eaten tehre even if I hear mass in Son Bosco too. Hi Father Dave!

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