Makulayful: The kaARTehan Top Picks

I’ve been practicing every chance I can get. Watercolor is still my favorite medium. I mix it sometimes with oil pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, and ink.

Here are my 8 favorite works from the stash I’ve had since last March.


“Meeting Place”
See the girl and boy at the right? They’re very much in love. Says who? Says me. Hehe. This is my first practice in prep for the grand romantic park painting.


“An Apology Piece”
This is the first full painting I ever INTENTIONALLY made for someone because I hurt him. He loves the moon, and I’ve always loved stars. Too bad he didn’t really appreciate it. I guess it means I wasn’t forgiven? Oh well. Such is life.


“The Garden in My Head”
This is a portion of the secret garden. I don’t know when I’ll be able to do the entire painting of that garden, but it’s definitely a goal.


“Nerdy, Fatso, and Bloo”
This is the only oil pastel work in this batch. I like this because I’m a sucker for cuteness and because it’s my first time to use newspaper. Anyone has a phone directory that I can have?


I was missing someone when I made this. I was waiting for him to at least try to see me. I did not put her eyes, nose, and mouth on purpose because I wanted to focus on the colors.


“Jesus in His Quiet Time”
This was made on Easter Sunday. My humble offering to the Lord. This is how I think Jesus prayed when He was still here on earth as a human being.


“Sunflower Fields Forever”
I like the combination of oranges and blues and I absolutely love sunflowers. This is my second sunflower artwork. The first using watercolor. I will surely make more.

I still have yet to discover my style, but it’s not a priority. For now, I just want to pull out my thoughts and feelings and turn them into something colorful and display-worthy.

// listening to Rivermaya – Himala


8 thoughts on “Makulayful: The kaARTehan Top Picks

    • Thank you! Kakatuwa kasi accidental art lang yang Garden In My Head. maliit lang yan dapat, tapos nagkamali ako, so I covered it with a plant hanggang dumami ang plants sa painting. Hehehe! :)

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