Settling An Unfinished Business with The Goto Monster

I went to Goto Monster last March in the hopes of eating their Bibingka Waffle. But it wasn’t available. Sobrang bad trip ‘yon kasi several hours ako na craving for it since I saw Niko put it on Instagram. Or was it Facebook? Ewan, basta, I saw its glory and I knew I must have it. Hehe.


I had the afternoon free the other day so I went back to this gotohan in P. Ocampo. I thought, alanganing oras, so malamang meron. Hay salamat! Meron nga! As I waited for it, I thought of eating some lugaw first. Had too much red meat hours prior to my visit there kasi. I recommend their Goto Bagnet though. Click THIS and salivate.


Last time, when I looked at their menu and wondered why their -silog meals are priced at 100php. Saw a sample tapsilog plate and thought, “Okaaay, naks may salsa pa! Mukha namang pang-100 nga!” Can’t really say if the taste justifies the price because that tapsi’s not mine. Naki-picture lang ako. :p Ang redundant naman kasi na lugaw na nga kakainin ko, may sinangag pa!


I enjoyed my bowl of Plain Lugaw (45php) with patis, calamansi, and chili oil despite the sweltering summer heat. The lugaw was just the right consistency for me. I hate it super thick with the rice (or grains?) so mushy. I paired my lugaw with some Talong Chips and Tokwa (65php). I mixed it with some of their special sauce/spiced vinegar. You can also have tokwa with mushrooms or bagnet or just with more tokwa.


Goto Monster has this challenge inspired by Man vs Food. If you finish a gigantic bowl of goto, you get to win a t-shirt and earn the bragging rights to call yourself a certified carboloader. Hehehe! You have to sign a waiver of course before you take the challenge. You up for it? I support you! Ako? pass ako d’yan! Pero dito ako hindi pass…


Well hello there, beautiful! The Bibingka Waffles (80php) has salted caramel sauce, bucayo (caramelized coconut), and salted egg. They make their own waffle mix, and I can surely say that this was worth the wait. I love the sweet-salty combo so this really worked for me.


And to make this already delightful dessert even more delightful… ICE CREAM! They use some vanilla ice cream to turn it into an a la mode, but ube worked just fine. In fact, I think ube is better for aesthetics (whaaaat, I like yellow and violet) and for flavor (yum… ube and salted egg). :) Ta-daaaah! Tapos! Iya: 1, Bibingka Waffles: 0.


And to cap off my happy second time at Goto Monster, some “soup”! The owner, Miss Jean insisted I try their lambanog. I was hesitant at first because I was soooo full from all the carbs I stuffed in my tummy, but what’s one shot, yeah?


White sugar + smooth chilled lambanog + calamansi for Goto Monster’s version of lick, shoot, and suck. I loved it. I think i should end all my meals in Goto Monster with this. And I think you should, too. ;) Thanks to Goto Monster for the nice 2nd experience. See you again soon!


Goto Monster
P. Ocampo Steet cor. Dungon Street,
San Antonio Village, Makati City
0916 300 2600
Open 24 hours, Mon to Sat

// listening to Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Want To Be In Love)


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