Iya’s Lego Mania!

I didn’t have a lot of Lego toys when I was a kid, so that may just be the reason for starting a collection now. That, and Lego has been releasing really cute and cool and awesome characters now.


My very first Lego minifigure was Batman, of course! It was given to me by my friend Mike who makes Lego flashdrives, necklaces, fridge magnets, keychains. You can check out his Instagram page if you want to order.


Above are 2 Batman USB flashdrives and a Batman necklace. That’s mine, Mike’s, and Shani’s. Hehehe @ the Adam West Batman. So old skool! :p


I purchased more– Iron Man, Superman (the classic look and man of Steel), some droid that looks like R2D2’s cousin, and more Batman just because I can’t get enough of Batman. I love you, Batman!!!


Then I got Loki and Black Widow. Aaaaaaand Wonder Woman for my bestfriend who originally wanted She-Ra, but good luck naman if Lego will ever manufacture She-Ra and He-Man. If they do, I’ll get those, too! Pati si Skeletor!!!


I also have Spiderman and Peter Parker! I got the two so I’ll have something Spidey to wear/use when I watch the movie, but alas, I have not seen the movie yet. Olats. :(


I also like Frodo or Bilbo and Gandalf. I also want the Harry Potter gang. Aaaaaand Game of Thrones!!! aaaaaand The Simpsons!!! Magastos itong collection na ito ‘pag nagkataon pala!


Good thing I have generous friends! Just recently, my friends Charm and Joel gave me Batgirl, the Joker, and White Man Taong Puti Arctic Batman! Yipeeee! Guys, pwede next time, Bruce Wayne and Catwoman naman? :p


Just today, my workmate was playing with the Loki I gave him and Thor. The two were in a fighting position, with Thor was lunging on Loki, when he showed them to me.

Me: Ano ‘yan, lifting?
Alex: Grabe naman. Lifting talaga?!?
Me: Binabanatan na ni Thor si Loki.
Alex: Binabanatan?
Me: Tinitira.

We laughed because of that intentionally wholesome conversation. Lego is also for big kids indeed.

Here’s to more toys for my young collection! :)

// listening to Vertical Horizon – Send It Up


One thought on “Iya’s Lego Mania!

  1. I inherited my dad’s Lego from his adolescence. I’m making the collection bigger now. Good luck with your collection! :]

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