Bar 360 – Resorts World Manila

I wasn’t at all prepared to go to Resorts World last week. I thought my friend was just taking me out to dinner and drinks. When he said, “Tara, casino tayo!” my auto-response was, “Ikaw na lang!” But he said if go with him, I can have 10% of his winnings.

So I said yes.

He said if he loses, I would also have to take care of 10% of his losses. Loko.

Anyway, it was my first time to play. Got to play poker, roulette, and the slot machine. I had fun trying to figure out how the hell does one really win in those games, but had more fun people watching. Daaaaamn! Ang daming matrona! Hahaha! I hope not to be a casino lurker by the time I hit that age. :p

I had the proverbial beginner’s luck. Soon as I had what I thought was enough money to drink to my heart’s content, I stopped and cashed out. :p

I didn’t wanna push my luck. And as for Dave (who won big in roulette), if he loses, it’s his luck. If he wins, it’s his skills. Mahusay.


We went to drink at the Bar 360 after. The showbands played songs ranging from motown to songs from Frozen.


Drinks aren’t so expensive, considering the venue and the service. A glass of red wine is 250php, a double Johnnie Walker Black is around 400php, and a cocktail is 260php.

I had a cocktail aptly named Beginner’s Luck. It has vodka, rhum, banana liquer, cranberry and apple juice.


I enjoyed my time in this adult playground. :) I can see myself going back in there. If not for the games, the fun time at tge bar! But more likely because of the latter. :p

// listening to Toto – Rosanna


3 thoughts on “Bar 360 – Resorts World Manila

  1. resorst world is resorts worse sumakit yung ng isang guest jan kc binababoy nila yung pagkain or drinks ng guest pag bad sa kanila kaya dapat ingat maging mabait sa mga waiter jan yung manager jan si mallari ingat kayo jan mga empleyado nya na babae dinadate nya tapos alam mona papangakuan na ireregular tapos pag nakuha yung gusto itspwera na sila di talaga ireregular salbahe yan malibog kaya daming nareresign jan oo maganda at sikat ang rw pero sa likod nito worse.thats may opnion pili-pili rin ng casino na pupuntahan its better na pumnta sa CD tahn rw..

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