Peace & Happiness – Makati

Peace & Happiness Dumpling House. A resto with a name like this is bound to attract attention. Peace and happiness pala ha!!! Sabi nga ng friend ko, gagawa daw siya ng dumpling house… War & Sorrow naman. Mwehehehe!


This hole in the wall is at the ground floor of CityLand Buendia, near Mayapis. There, near the riles ng tren. :p The airconditioned eatery is in between 7-11 and a kabab place. The owners are Chinese (from the mainland daw) and there are usually a lot of Chinese customers who eat here. No, not the random couple I have on the picture below.


The best sellers according to their flyer are the sweet and sour spareribs, beef noodle in chili oil, century egg congee, braised beef with soy sauce and the xiao long bao. Almost every group there had xiao long bao on their tables, so it’s the best among the bestsellers, I guess.


I had the Beef Noodle in Chili Oil (138php), and Dave got that too kasi gaya-gaya siya. We both liked it, especially the tenderness of the beef. I didn’t finish mine kasi ang laki nung bowl. It’s good for two people. Of course Dave finished his, because he’s matakaw. This is just mildly spicy. Feel free to add more chili. Masarap ang chili nila. Ate the noodle sioup with a Baozi (39php) which is a yeast bun with veggies inside.


I also had the Pineapple Fish Rice Meal (128php) that has the viand, rice, veggies and soup. The fish was well-seasoned. Ang daming pineapple masyado though. Pwede nang pang-dessert. You can opt for kung pao chicken, san bei chicken, sweet and sour spareribs, and black pepper beef for the rice meal.


Dave got the Cucumber and Jellyfish Salad (180php) na favorite daw niya, but I ended up eating more of it. -_- It’s my first time to eat jellyfish (I think) and it was okay. Not something I’ll crave for. They also have chicken gizzards and braised pig ears on their list of specialties. Just be patient when you ask the waitstaff about what’s in the menu, because those I encountered seemed they didn’t know most of the items.


The xiao long bao was served in a bamboo steamer. The meat was tender to the bite and had a nice sweet and salty  liquid burst when bitten into. The meat didn’t leave much room for soup, but it’s okay because I don’t really want to re-experience the agony of too much soup scalding my tongue, like what almost happened to me at Dong Bei in Binondo. :p I suggest you eat the xlb with black vinegar mixed with chili.


For precaution, make sure there’s a cool beverage on your side when you eat the xlb. :) There was no milk tea available or Coca-Cola products that time so we tried the the Wanglaoji Herbal Tea (48php). It’s sweet. Parang gulaman samalamig. :p


I think this will be my go-to spot whenever I crave for some dim sum and noodles and I’m too lazy to go to Binondo, which is pretty much all the time. :p

Peace & Happiness Dumpling House
G08 Makati Cityland Tower 3,
Gil Puyat Ave, Makati
02-4255700, 0915-3741974

// listening to Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely


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