I have always considered myself smart, but I question this whenever my thoughts conspire to bring you back to memory.

I wanted closure, and you unknowingly gave it to me recently. I regret the means how I brought myself to finding it, but I guess sacrifices had to be made to find peace. Even if it meant tainting my image in your mind for ever.

I unknowingly showed you my side that you didn’t know existed. How would you have found it, when you didn’t look hard enough? When you had your chance to look, but your eyes were already focused on what your mind expected to see.

In return, I saw your side that you deliberately didn’t show to the world, except to the few that you just had to show it to. You didn’t think I’d want to see that side. You had no idea I would have killed for a glimpse.

Was the world laughing at us when it saw us hide our dark(er) sides from each other? I could have been your light. I could have been your shade. And you, you could have been the same to me

We could have been bad together in the kind of good that we never knew we both wanted.

Our time has passed. I am sorry for not going that way and for not wanting to go that way any more. Our time has passed. I hope knowing this will keep me wise.

// listening to Zedd – Lost at Sea


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