I blame James Morrison for this.

Sometimes something outrageous has to happen before you come to realize that you ought to let go of the past and concentrate on how the present should be part of your future. 

Can’t really fault anyone for comparing the present to/with the past, but through it, I hope one gets to realize who is worth the chance… There’s a reason why you didn’t end up with him/her. And there’s a reason why someone new is around.

If you were impulsive and stupid about it back then, then be patient and smart about it now. Or at least, try to be. :p

It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let the pain paralyze you. You could be walking out on something that might be the best thing life can give you.

Don’t walk out on the possibility of keeping true love.

// listening to James Morrison – You Give Me Something


4 thoughts on “I blame James Morrison for this.

  1. I love this, especially the “Dont let pain paralyze you.”

    Is this about you? If it is, I hope that whoever the new one is, is worth the beauty of this post. And whoever the past is, I hope he knows what he lost. :) God bless

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