Craft Coffee Revolution – New Manila, Quezon City


What better place to have a cup of third wave coffee than at a place that has Coffee Revolution in its name. Craft Coffee Revolution, formerly known as Craft Coffee Workshop, is one of the popular third wave cafes in the metro.


Third wave (of) coffee is a movement referring to a high form of preparing and appreciating coffee. It is what the skilled calls ARTISANAL. And it is what some people calls HIPSTER. :p


Artisanal, hipster, or whatever, I wanted to have my very first cup of third wave coffee. You know what caught my interest? The cute drawing on the foam, or what they call LATTE ART.


I didn’t really care what coffee I’d have, as long as there’s a cute Instagram-worthy (haha) latte art. I would have wanted a Batman design, but Shani told the barista to just surprise me with anything nice.


I was still so full from the Philly Cheesesteak I had in 10A Alabama, but I couldn’t resist getting a slice of choco fudge cake. Looks like it’s their bestseller, basing on all the tables then had at least one.


The latte art of my cappuccino was cute albeit common. Sarap nung kape. I didn’t even add more sugar or milk. The choco fudge cake was really good too. Rich and moist and perfect with the coffee.


I wonder if Craft is better than Magnum Opus in BF Paranaque. That’s my next third wave cafe stop. I hope I can get a Batman latte art there! :D


Craft Coffee Revolution is at 66 Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City. It’s right beside Big Sky Mind and very near Le Creperie. Craf’s telephone number is 570-3436.

// listening to The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds


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