Watami – Glorietta


The Evil Support Group (ESG = Mike, Shani, and I) got together for dinner and drinks in Makati to catch up and to draft some diabolical plans.


We went to Watami in the relatively new wing of Glorietta. It’s near National Bookstore and J.Co.


We let the gentleman choose from the menu while us girls talked about some girly stuff like (celebratory) cake and findimg closure.


Food arrived quickly. We had miso soup, sushi, meat skewers, tempura, and cold soba. I don’t remember the exact names though! :p


I liked the sushi and the yakiniku. Delicious, but not special. I don’t think I would order the rest if I do go back to Watami.


For a casual Japanese resto, I thought they’d have bento boxes or food would be cheaper. I don’t know. May pagka-jologs lang yata talaga ako. Hehe.


Watami also has a branch in Mall of Asia, at the second level of the bayside section . Not sure if they will be opening another store any time soon.


Watami is a concept that means “coming together in one place to enjoy good food,” at least that’s what I read from an article in Phil Star.


Food was good, yes. But the company I was with was better. And that was what I enjoyed more.


// listening to David Guetta – Just One Last Time


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