Type Kita @ 10a Alabama


Typography is, quite simply, the art and technique of arranging type. There was a typography event in 10A Alabama in Quezon City last March 15 that I was able to attend, thanks to Shani.


The event was an exhibit + seminar + bazaar that was held for the benefit of Yolanda victims. I was distracted by the huge Red Horse chandelier before going inside. I want one in my room, but with Stella Artois.


The seminar was held at the backyard of 10A. It was too crowded for me so I just milled around to check the other things happening.


Saw Manong making jeepney signages. I wanted to get Basta Driver, Sweet Lover. Sarap sana ipang-troll and idikit sa car ng babaero kong friend. :p


There were decorative prints for sale and I was tempted to buy one to hang on my wall, but I thought why not just create ’em myself.


What I almost bought though were these lovely teacups. I was just hesitant to carry something so fragile around QC. (We were set to have coffee and dinner and alcohol after Type Kita.)


Items that were on sale were decorative text prints and calligraphy stuff. Not sure why there were Frozen stuffed toys. Much as I wanted to buy Olaf, I settled for a much smaller item.


I bought a charm bracelet that says LOVE. Too bad there wasn’t a booth that customized the charms, I’d like a bracelet that says EFFERVESCENT. Para lang maiba. Mwehehe!


Was just supposed to eat a cone of dirty ice cream, but changed my mind when I saw Luca’s Corner’s pizza and sandwiches. Lahat mukhang masarap, especially the Philly Cheese Steak.


Huge Philly Cheesesteak sandwich was filling and delicious. Sulit na sulit for 120php. I wasn’t able to eat dinner because of this. Well, maybe just a little. :p


Had a fun and interesting time, as usual, at 10A Alabama. Let me end this entry with a selfie of me checking out myself while the people around me were checking out art. Hehe.


10a Alabama
10A Alabama St., Quezon City
Mobile: +63 917 8348395

// listening to The Boxer Rebellion – New York


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