Black No More

Coloring my hair used to freak me out. I used to have jet- black hair and I thought I’d have it colored once I turn 30. Two years passed and the only change my hair went through was getting it semi-rebonded.


I got tired of having long, straight black as sin hair and I thought I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 to have my hair colored. Plus, I noticed my white hairs were multiplying.


I’ve always been partial to blondes, so I thought of having ash blond locks. But, when I talked to the hairstylist in our neighborhood salon, he told me that I would have to get my hair bleached to get that color.


I didn’t want to (excessively) damage my hair so I dediced on getting my 2nd color of choice, reddish-brown because it’s a shade that will stick to my hair without having to get it bleached.


Albert, the stylist, assured me that I can already have my hair dyed blond next time because there’s already a base color. But he also suggested I enjoy being a redhead first.


I wanted a safe color for my hair first. I don’t think I can confidently rock Yeng Constantino-red hair this time. But who knows what I’d be thinking in a couple of weeks? :p


The colors that he mixed were Sunset Pearl Red, Medium Intensive Blonde, and Medium Copper Blonde. Apparently, nobody does highlights anymore. Grabe, sobrang hindi ako updated. :P


I sat on the salon chair for almost 1 1/2 hours. That’s already from color application to blowdry. Hindi na pala ini-steam or binabalot ng foil para kumulay ang buhok? Hahaha, I told you. Sobrang ignorante ko lang. :P


I had it celophaned to make the color nicer and for my hair to be shinier. The celophane treatment took almost an hour, I think.


I’m happy with how my first hair coloring experience turned out. I think i’ll be braver next time to try a bolder color. :)


Aaaah, and I think I want to have my hair permed as well. What do you think?

// listening to Nicole Kea – Breakfast in Bed


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