Galli Village Café – San Antonio Village, Makati

If you hear mass at the Shrine of Sacred Heart in San Antonio, then you probably have already noticed Galli Café in front of the church. It’s in the YMCA Building, almost beside Purple Oven.


Galli is a pretty, little village cafe. According to the tarp by the door that has some quotes from blog reviews. They say the paella and the salpicao are the must-haves.


But I wasn’t in the mood for rice. I wanted sausage, potatoes, and greens. They didn’t have any kind of green leafy salad that time. :(


And I also had to wait for 20 minutes for my food to be served because somebody ordered paella. Matagal daw ‘yun. Uhhh… okay. How small is their kitchen or how understaffed are they anyway?


At least my coffee and leche flan were brought served quickly. Loved the consistency of the leche flan and it’s delish for only 35php. The sausage meal is 220php, if I remember correctly.


Because I didn’t want rice and there’s no salad, they offered albondigas as replacement. I was excited to eat it because it was a bit chilly that night. Sadly, the soup was too salty and not piping hot.


The Hungarian sausage was finally brought and the size was a disappointment. Haha, I can hear you saying, “That’s what she said.” Mwehehe!!! The taste was alright, also the potato salad that came with it.


I asked for scrambled egg, but they gave me sunny side-up. Didn’t bother to return it because I was already hungry. :(


Over all, it’s a close to satisfactory experience. I still want to try the bestsellers salpicao and paella, but I am not itching to go back there soon.


In fairness, the foreigners in the table next to me seemed like they enjoyed the pasta dishes. Oh well. Next time. Maybe.

// listening to Wolfgang Gartner – Overdose


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