I took up art classes back when I was in UP. It was my mother who suggested I attend a workshop to give me something to do and because she knows that I had to be good in something. At least in one thing, maliban sa pagiging pasaway! Thank you, Ma for letting me at least hone a skill. :p

So I attended Fernando Sena’s art classes at the basement of the Vargas Museum for several months. I enjoyed using watercolor and oil pastel. I didn’t get to make anything worthy to be framed, but I loved doodling and coloring anyway.Well, until I got distracted by another art. The art of drinking. Hahahaha!

It’s only a couple of months ago that I decided to put what I learned into good use. They say shopping is cheaper than therapy. I say, creating art- or attempting to create art is. :)


I started with watercolor. I wanted to paint something delicate, so I though of painting a little blue bird. The watercolor brand I bought though was sucky, so I ended up making a grayish blue bird. I appeal to the National Bookstore peeps, please sell Pentel in your branch in Harbor Point.


I shifted to oil pastel because I wanted to make something using vibrant colors. I thought I’d dedicate my practice artworks to some of my closest friends. I have a hard time drawing humans, so I drew more animals.


I knew I had to draw a human eventually. So I started with a silhoutte-type of drawing. Haha, sorry, I don’t even know what it’s called. I am thankful to the people who have been encouraging me to go on and draw more. Thank you guys for believing in me! :)


In my spare time, I utilize the Sketch App in my Z1 to practice some more. On with more animals! My fave among the ones I made is this of the pandas, Pan-pan and Duh-duh. I dedicated this to my BFF Donnie, who didn’t seem to mind when I told him I was thinking of him when I made Duh-duh. DUH.


Besides being a terrific form of therapy, it’s also become a gift idea. There’s this special person celebrating his birthday this February and I thouht of making painting something for him. But as I painted it while watching friendzoned Eponine in Les Miserables, I decided not to give it anymore. I’ll have it framed for me. :D


Yesterday, I started to practice sketching using charcoal pencils. I have never been good with fine details, so I know I have to practice loads. This time, the art of drinking isn’t a threat anymore because I now paint while drinking. :p

Cheers to my rediscovered love!

You can check out my other works in the Makulayful folder in my Facebook page,

// listening to Sunscreem – Love U More


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