Poco Deli – Ayala Triangle Gardens

We were gonna have lunch at Banapple but got turned off because of the 30 minute waiting time. I didn’t really mind though because it meant trying out something else in Ayala Triangle Gardens.


The neighborhood delicatessen in Pasig now has a branch in ATG . Poco Deli is pretty much known for its diet destroyer, the Bacon Slabs.


We got there before 11:30am so it was still easy to get a table. If only we weren’t there for work, I would have gotten at least one Stella!


They have a number of sausages, coldcuts and cheeses to choose from and jars of sauerkraut to go with ’em! And of course, let’s not forget the moderately-priced wines. :D


Their cakes look very rich and tempting. We shared a slice of Espresso Cake (php) as we waited for our meals. (Thanks JP for sharing!)


JP’s reaction of “OH.MY.GOD.” upon tasting it pretty much sums up my review. I’m sure their bestseller Blackout Chocolate Cake will be just as fantastic. Maybe more!


JP had the Florentina or Italian Sausage, which he also liked. It’s served with eggs and bacon rice. I, of course, had the Bacon Slabs. :p


I didn’t want to eat it with rice so I had a Chef’s Salad. I had to get the regular order of it, so they just subtracted the cost of the rice from my bacon meal.


The lemon vinaigrette is something I’d like to copy. Sarap! And the bacon, it’s my OH.MY.GOD. moment. Well-seared, juicy, flavorful… PERFECT.


My meal cost around 650php, steep for my standards, but it’s okay because I definitely got my money’s worth. Plus I took out half of the salad and 1 of the slabs for dinner.


Mommy Joyce finished her Pot Roast and Bacon Rice (yep, that’s bacon not garlic) so she was really full. Verdict on the pot roast: the meat was bland but the sauce was yum.


By 12noon, Makati yuppies started coming in. I imagine the place will be better after shift. Wine and coldcuts after a stressful day in the office sounds like a good idea…


We weren’t disappointed with the ambience and the service so we will definitely come back. There are other items in the menu that we’d like to try.


On top of my list are the Wagyu Sausage, Truffle Oil Mushroom Pasta, Scampi Pizza, and this lovely blueberry cheesecake.


They also have Harney & Sons Fine Teas that I have not had yet. Will try one if and only if I don’t end up consuming a bottle of Fat Bastard wine. Or a container of Gorgonzola and Fig handcrafted ice cream.


Poco Deli is one of the better restos in Ayala Triangle. Get your fill of their comfort food now! It’s in between Kanin Club and Wee Nam Kee.

// listening to Sigur Ros – The Nothing Song


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