J Cuppacakes – SM Jazz

Friday means heavy traffic and cheat day so JP, Mommy Joyce and I went to SM Jazz after shift for coffee and cupcakes.


J Cuppacakes is a well-recommended cupcakery by a number of my colleagues and I’m glad I finally got to experience its goodness.


The place is charming and dainty. I’d want to bring my girlfriends or my mother here. I really felt like I belonged because I was wearing floral that day, hehehe!


They have popular cuppies like Red Velvet, S’mores, and Salted Caramel plus other luscious looking not-so-common finds like Coconut Lime, Sunken Cookie Dough, and Strawberry Granola.


What first caught my attention though was the Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake. Double the dessert fun for only 85php? Not bad at all!


I wanted something tart that time though, so I had a Lemon Twist. JP had a Chocolate Basil cupcake. Lemon Bar and New Yor Caramel Bar for Mommy Joyce with her Iced Mocha drink.


Aside from coffee concoctions, they also serve shakes and mocktails. And aside from these sweet treats, they have breakfast meals, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.


I tried the Pepperoni Mushroom Aglio Olio and JP had the Cream Pesto Pasta. they serve it with sweet toast. JP said it’s condensed milk they use. Yum!


I liked everything we ordered but the 2 that I’ll probably have again are the pesto pasta and choco cupcake with basil. Yes, chocolate + herb = oddly delectable.


Check J Cuppacakes’ Facebook page to see their visually stunning cake designs. Their cakepops are adorable! Whoever thinks of the designs is a genius!


J Cuppacakes is at Unit 136 SMDC Jazz, Jupiter St. cor N. Garcia St., Bel-Air, Makati. It’s very near our office, so you might see me there! :D

Email: j.cuppacakes@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/J.cuppacakes
Instagram: jcuppacakes
Mobile: 0917-8573836, 0917-5000864

// listening to Kendrick Lamar – B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe


4 thoughts on “J Cuppacakes – SM Jazz

  1. Hindi lang cupcakes nila ang masarap! yunlike vanilla cupcakery, only the cupcakes are worth eating. Havent been to JCuppacakes yet but my sister bings home cupcakes from them often. My favorite is the Coconut cupcake. Try that one too.

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