El Chupacabra – Bel-Air, Makati

With the catchy name (I know people who focus on the 2nd and 3rd syllables LOL) and delicious dishes, El Chupacabra has already made its way to the 2013 Top 10 Most Awesome New Restos in Manila according to one of the top food blogs.


Before we move on to the food and the experience, let me tell you first that the chupacabra is a legendary creature that is said to attack and kill goats by sucking their blood. Hence, chupa (to suck) and cabra (goat). Literally, The Goat Sucker. It’s said to inhabit Mexico and its neighboring countries. Keri lang. Malayo naman pala. Hehehe.


El Chupacabra the resto is located in the commisary of Mexicali in Bel-Air, near Burgos. We had to wait outside for almost 30 minutes to be seated. The place was packed, even if it’s only a Wednesday night and it isn’t in one of the more popular streets.


We used the waiting time to start with the drinks. A local beer for only 45php is a good enough reason for me to go back here. You can also buy beer by the bucket. Other good reasons are tequila, rum and margarita. :p


They have around 15 kinds of street tacos, with prices from 90 to 135php. We had the Baja California Fish Taco and Camarones El Diabla. Both tacos were delicious and spicy. The spicier one of course was the shrimp taco as its name implies. Chipotle!


While the shrimp taco was smothered in sour cream-looking sauce, the fish taco was smothered in cheese. I liked the fish taco better because I don’t have a high tolerance for spicy food. Plus, I love cheese. :D


My favorite among all the dishes we had was the Menudo Mexicano. It has callos style tripe, beef and chilis. It’s served with soft corn tortillas, extra onions and cilantro. It’s 250php.


The Chupacabra Dim Sims (150php) is their version of the Aussie pub snack, pork dumplings. Enzo liked it with sour cream. I must say it’s good with it indeed. This also went well with the sauce of the Menudo Mexicano that we barely used its soy-chili dipping sauce.


The Grilled Chicken Skewer (50php) tasted like basic chicken on a stick according to Enzo but it was no big deal since we loved the rest of the food anyway. They also have grilled pork on a stick- 20php for a regular serving and 40php for a large one.


Other interesting things from their menu are the street tacos Chicharonnes En Salsa Verde (pork cracklings with green chile sauce) and Soyrizo con Papas (homemade soy chorizo with potatoes) and the Sonora Dog (bacon-wrapped Mexican-style hotdog and fries).


Had no more space for dessert, but I wanted to get a butterscotch pie. :) Apart from the reasonably-priced good food and cheap beer, another thing I like about El Chupacabra is the service. Even if there was a mix-up with our orders, the manager addressed it quickly and made it a point that the rest of our dining experience was awesome.


I’m guessing Enzo’s favorite was the Mexican music playing in the background. No, not the Pitbull kind. Hahahaha! We heard Besame Mucho, La Bamba, and Solamente Una Vez. Didn’t notice if they played La Cucaracha too! :D


We’re definitely going back to El Chupacabra. But hopefully, we won’t have a hard time getting a table next time!

El Chupacabra
5782 Felipe St. cor. Polaris St., Makati City
02 895-1919
Sunday to Wednesdays – 11.00am to 12mn,
Thursdays to Saturday – 11.00am to 3am

// listening to Teddybears – Cobrastyle


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