iCook: Chunky Monkey, Classic Cheese and Pink Berry Pancakes

It all started with bacon. I wanted to have bacon for breakfast but didn’t want to eat it with rice or bread. Pancakes always go well with bacon but I couldn’t decide what kind of pancakes to make so I made three! I always excuse myself for eating a huge breakfast on weekends because it’s almost always the only time I can prepare and eat my kitchen (magnum, hehehe) opus.


I made Chunky Monkey, Classic Cheese and Pink Berry Pancakes. Sounds complicated? They’re not. Pinaarte ko lang ang mga pangalan. They’re so easy to make, you can use the most appealing instant pancake mix you can find. I chose White King for this because it has free maple syrup. Didn’t want to buy a bottle because I rarely crave for pancakes or waffles anyway.


Even if the instructions say to just add water, I always add milk and a beaten egg to my pancake mixture. Para mas fluffy at para shempre mas masarap! Divide the mixture into three. Add chopped bananas and chopped chocolates (Goya milk chocolate will do) to make Chunky Monkey. To make Classic Cheese, simply add cheese. DUH. I used Kraft Cheddar. And to make Pink Berry, add strawberry jam and a few drops of red food coloring to the mix.


I used maple syrup for Classic Cheese, homemade peanut butter (Ace’s from Bulacan) for Chunky Monkey, and cookie butter for Pink Berry. Serve pancakes with butter and bacon and egg and coffee and whatever joy-giving yumyums you have in your kitchen. :p That full plate probably only cost me around 150php. A small price to pay in turning my good morning into a GREAT morning!

// listening to Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen


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