Porto Cena – Harbor Point

Porto Cena is a weekend food market at the Harbor Point Mall grounds in Subic.


It’s been around for several months but we only got to visit it last week for my birthday.


There were less than 10 stalls open when we went there around 5. Maybe there were only a few because it’s still early?


Daddy had some bangus tocino + yang chow + chop seuy (around 120php) and Mama had chow mein (around 50php).


I had a taco for 60php. Can’t really say much about it and what my parents got. Decent. Ok lang.


What we liked were the assorted chips with dips! For 80php, we snacked on crispy taro, banana, cassava, and ube chips.


We also liked the soy ice cream smartly called Soybetes! We had the pumpkin and chocnut flavors. One cup with 2 flavors for 80php.


We hope to see more kinds of food the next time we go to Porto Cena! May it be as big as its “brother”, Mercato Centrale. :)

// listening to Maria Mercedes


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