The Big 3-2.

Off the calendar, pero pasok pa rin daw sa lotto. This number gave me all shades of birthday blues but I’m okay now! So I turned another year older. I am also assuming that’s equivalent to being a year wiser. And cuter. And awesome-r. :p As long as I can still fool (or bribe) people into thinking I’m still in my 20’s, I’m good! Haha!


I originally planned to not fuss over my birthday this year, but the innate planner in me still managed to stage a celebration. Two, actually. The first one was a get together with some of my friends from college and then some. It was a steady drinking session at our usual spot in Tavern Asia in Aguirre Ave, BF Homes.


I expected they’d get me a birthday cake because I specifically told Donnie na “friendship over na” kung hindi nila ako bibigyan ng cake na may candle to blow. I definitely did not expect they’d get some chocolate dicks to wish on and put on the innocent looking blueberry cheesecake. Eh sabi ko daw gusto ko ng ibo-blow eh. Aaah, the kind of friends I have. ^_^


Gone are the years when the gauge of how much I enjoyed my time with friends was by how hammered I get in the following day. I only had 4 or 5 Jack-Cokes but it was a mighty enjoyable night in my book. Cheers, crazy people.


The second celebration was with my parents. I did not celebrate my birthday with them since they moved to Bataan so I thought of going home to spend my special day with them again. We didn’t wait for the clock to strike 12 but they woke me up at 3am for simbang gabi (dawn mass, actually) so that we can, as a family thank God for another year given to me.


As soon as we got back home, I demanded that they sing me Happy Birthday while I blow my birthday candles. I love that I can still act bratty around my parents and they just laugh it off. :p I requested for instant pancit canton to go with my cake and even if they don’t tolerate junk food, they said yes because it’s my birthday. :p


We went to Harbor Point in Subic for lunch and some shopping. We ate at Cabalen, had dessert at Sweet Finale (where I had my 3rd birthday cake, hehe) and had merienda at Porto Cena. I wanted to watch a movie but I knew The Hobbit will just be a snoozefest for them. :p


Even so, I had a lovely time with my parents. There were a lot I didn’t get to receive last December 20 but there were more things I should be thankful for. There ARE more things I am thankful for. :o)

// listening to Minute to Win It


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