After Yolanda

Good morning.

The storm passed by Metro Manila without harming me or any of my loved ones. Thank You Lord.

According to the news, Typhoon Yolanda (with the international name Haiyan) is the strongest typhoon that has ever been recorded. It’s under Category 5, but would have been a Category 6 if there was such a category.

The Visayas and some parts of Southern Luzon were at its direct path. Ten regions were under signal #4. It’s heartbreaking to see our brothers and sisters in the South especially those in the Eastern Visayas undergo this struggle again when they were just hit by a 7.2-magnitude eathquake recently.

Leyte is one of the provinces hit gravely by Yolanda. One of my colleagues is now worried yet hopeful because her parents and child are now in Tacloban and she has not spoken to them for almost 36 hours because the communication has been cut off since yesterday morning due to the exceptionally heavy rains and strong winds. I really hope and pray that she and other people who have loved ones they need to contact get to communicate already. May everyone be safe and unharmed.

Almost all reports show the destruction caused by Yolanda to an already suffering nation. It doesn’t help to remember the billions lost due to the pork barrel scam. Billions that would have helped greatly in the rehibilitation of the Philippines.

There is a comment circulating various social media regarding the Filipino spirit. I don’t know if it really came from the CNN site but it doesn’t really matter because it does say the truth about us Filipinos.


As I write this, there is another weather disturbance that might be a threat to the Philippines this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. With all my heart, I pray that we will be made stronger to deal with the storms coming our way and may we have more compassion to show our fellow Filipinos especially in this time of stress and sorrow.

// listening to an eerily quiet Makati


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