Stiff Neck: A Pain in the Ass

The pain was between WTF and OMG. I couldn’t move my head without wincing in pain. My back and my arms also hurt because of it. I thought, it’s only stiff neck and the pain will go away if I just rub my nape with some Omega Painkiller. I also popped a Flanax and an Alaxan for good measure. Ate Brenda checked my bp and it’s normal. It provided a wee sense of comfort knowing it wasn’t hypertension or a prelude to a heart attack.


Twenty-four hours after, the pain was still there. The salompas and mefenamic acid that our company nurse gave me did not help at all. By Monday afternoon, the pain intensified. I couldn’t move my head without wincing in pain. I couldn’t even swallow. Anything that required my neck muscles to move was killing me. So I was brought to the Makati Med ER by Nurse Marlene.


Never felt anything like it before. I could only guess that what caused it was when a naughty kid pushed our booth in Trinoma 12 hours before I first felt the pain. I hurriedly looked up because I felt the booth’s post move and I checked if the lamp was gonna fall. Contrary to my friends’ jokes, I did not get my stiff neck because I engaged in some hardcore you-know-what. Haha.


I was given some painkillers through intravenous injection before going through a cervical spine x-ray. The pain lessened a bit so I was able to get my spirits up and take a couple of selfies. :p After that, I was given some muscle relaxants. That hurt when it was injected. My friend/baby sis Guia (see photo below) who is an intern in MMC visited me. Good thing she did because if she hadn’t, I would have fallen asleep. The meds made me drowsy.


An hour after the xray, Dr. Ivanka Tadeo went to see me. She said that the xray showed it’s just spasmodic torticollis, aka stiff neck. I was told that usually, this would be resolved in 1-2 weeks. She prescribed some muscle relaxants and painkillers. For follow-up care, a visit to the orthopedic surgeon is recommended. I went on sick leave the following day to rest just as she instructed.


It’s been a week and I am okay now. I can turn my head to the right with ease. I still feel discomfort when I turn to the left but I bet I’ll be 100% okay in a couple of days. I wanna thank the radiology department, Dra. Tadeo, Nurse Alex, and the rest of the MMC ER for taking good care of me. You’re all great but I hope I never get to see you all again. Hehe. :p

// listening to Boomkat – Rip Her to Shreds


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