The Latest Langhap-Sarap Burger: The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ

I was walking around Landmark Trinoma looking for a salad to take for brunch. Thoughts of sticking to 1,200 calories/day went bye-bye when I saw this…


Yummy Thor! Wow, hammer! Jollibee has a new langhap-sarap burger out! Well, maybe 10 years ago, they had a cheesy bacon mushroom burger but it wasn’t in the form of a Champ!


The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ is made with 1/3 pound 100% pure beef patty smothered with cheese sauce, bacon strips and mushrooms. It costs 142php. And 182php with regular fries and a regular drink.


The actual burger didn’t look far from the ad. It’s pretty expensive for a fastfood burger in my opinion so I would really get pissed if I was served something far from what I was expecting.


Patty: flavorful and well done. Bread: fresh and soft. Bacon: around 3 strips, perfectly crisp. Mushrooms: lots of chopped button variety. Cheese sauce: overwhelming.


It’s close to impossible to dislike something that has bacon and cheese so this gets my nod of approval. I liked it better than the (Not So) Amazing Aloha but my kind if Champ is still the Classic Champ.


Not sure until when the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ will be around but get one now (and add 95php) so you can get a Mjölnir USB! Thanks to the fantastic staff of Jollibee Landmark Trinoma sa pagsakay sa trip ko and helping me with the photos! <3

// listening to Paramore – Still Into You


10 thoughts on “The Latest Langhap-Sarap Burger: The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ

  1. I ordered this last Friday at Jollibee Glorietta. I did not taste any bacon in it… I thought bacon bits lang kaya di ko nalasahan… yun pala, wala talagang bacon, unlike your order na kitang-kita ang mga bacon strips! Pero it is indeed delicious!

    • what???? cheesy bacon mushroom na walang bacon? ang lungkot! dapat nireklamo mo agad! ang daming bacon nung nasa akin. try mo na lang uli sa same branch and point out that hindi nila nilagyan the first time para damihan nila yung ilalagay when you;re there or ilibre ka nila.

  2. Tried this today, I find the bacon a bit salty. The patty is delicious, and you’re right about the cheese sauce, ang dami! I like Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt better though.

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