7.2 Earthquake Hit Central Visayas

The first post I saw about the earthquake was from a friend’s Facebook page. He said he was swimming in Panglao when the earth began to shake. I shuddered at the thought of being half-naked while being unsure of the continuation of my existence.

Then I saw a slew of photos of the damages that the earthquake with the 7.2 magnitude did to Cebu and Bohol. So many heritage sites crashed and crumbled. Not to mention the hundreds of buildings and roads that are now in horrid condition. And the many families affected by this. According to the latest update I saw on my feed, it was caused by a relatively unknown East Bohol fault.


It’s sad that when I go back to Cebu next year, I won’t be able to see the Sto.Niño Church in its full glory anymore. It’s sadder that I have not even had the chance to see the popular sites in Bohol yet. I’m not really a fan of history and heritage but it’s still something I would have wanted to check and store in a special section of my memory.

Floods in Luzon, wars in Mindanao and now an earthquake in the Visayas. :( Let’s pray for our country. May our brothers and sisters especially those in Cebu and Bohol recover from this quickly. May God’s unfailing love protect them.

// listening to Chris Tomlin – I Will Rise


5 thoughts on “7.2 Earthquake Hit Central Visayas

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