Namnam Greenbelt Revisited

Dinner wasn’t originally part of the plan the night I met Jap and Karen to celebrate our 15 years of friendship. What they wanted was to start drinking as early as possible. Alcohol for Karen, beer for Jap.


I just had to whine my way into dragging them to dinner. I said I had to eat first because I had to take my meds first. That’s true. Also, I was very hungry. Thought of bringing them to Namnam because I brought one of our balikbayan friends there recently, too.


Namnam has 3 dish sizes that you can choose from: small, medium, large. I picked small but picked several dishes because I knew I can have them eat once they see the malinamnam looking food in front of them.


The Caramelized Patis Wings (155php) is probably one of the most popular from their menu. Easy to understand because it’s really delicious, especially for me that loves sweet-savory noms. It was also meaty and crispy.


The Inihaw na Bacon Strips (155php) was, as expected, good. I mean, who can fuck up bacon? It was thick and grilled to perfection. Also liked the sauce they used. Wouldn’t mind having this in medium next time. All for myself.


The Crunchy Sotanghon and Ubod Lumpia (60php) was okay. I wish it was more packed with ubod. I also wish I just ordered the Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia. But anyway, the ubod lumpia + the spicy vinegar was a good conrast to the richness of the next dish.


I also loved the Pinsec Frito with Tomato-Aligue Dip (150php). I loved it so much that I wanna copy it. But with more filling in the wonton! Hehehe! Btw, I haven’t had time to copy their Corn Ukoy Fritters yet. Isa pang masarap yun eh.


I wasn’t really in the mood for dessert, but because I did not get to eat some when I was with Joel, I went ahead and got their Gata Leche Flan (85php). It was good, alright. The presence of the coconut milk was interesting. Liked the grated lime rind, too. But well… I am a leche flan purist so I’m skipping this twist next time.


One of the waitstaff who was there that time was Gerson. I am mentioning his name again because I believe that quick and friendly service deserves to be recognized. Way to go, Gerson!


We’d like to thank Burger Bar for the Blueberry Cheesecake they sent the birthday girl. I love that it’s a dessert in a jar! Very Pinterest-ish. :) Your Caramel Vanilla Braed Pudding looks delish too.


Namnam has become my resto of choice for traditional and modern Pinoy food in Greenbelt. I think I will bring all my balikbayan friends here. :p

(Jap and Kar, nice seeing you girls kahit na mga lokoloko kayo na nagpapanggap na ayaw kumain pero lalamon rin pala kayo like me. *bigfatbearhugs*)

// listening to Suits – S02E08


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