Croughnut? Cronut? CROINUT.

When the croissant-doughnut craze hit the Manila foodie scene several months ago, the kuripot in me refused to spend more than a hundred for a piece of this pastry hybrid.


This afternoon, while I was on my way to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a Boston Creme, I found myself lost in Megamall A and in front of French Baker. I saw the familiar round, much talked about treat and said, what the heck, might as well try it. It’s only 68 pesos, so go!


Some call their hybrid- croughnuts. Some- cronuts. A store in Trinoma call theirs- cronutz, yes, with a z. French Baker’s croissant-doughnut mashup is called a CROINUT. There are three flavors: chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry. One chocolate croinut to go for me!


They also have another (still kinda) popular food at the moment, the French macarons. Available flavors are pistachio, raspberry, strawberry, rose, lemon, mocha and chocolate. Had the raspberry and pistachio some weeks back. Most def not the best macarons around but for 35php a piece, pwede na.


Their croinut looks typical- golden brown, sugar-sprinkled, piped with thick frosting. The taste? I must say that I liked the chocolate that the use. The croinut itself… truth be told, it reminded me of an airy bicho-bicho- the taste and the texture.


Didn’t have any high expectations so it didn’t cause any painful disappointment. (Ganyan talaga ang logic ng life. LOL) I actually thought it was delicious. Something I would not mind buying again but not something I would fall and wait in line for.


Not bad for my first cronut. I might just forget frugality for a bit and consider spending for Dolcelatte or Wildflour croughnuts which are twice the price of French Baker’s.

// listening to Blackstreet – No Diggity


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