Onkei Japanese Restaurant – Greenbelt

After almost 5 years, Mackie and I saw each other again. She went to see me in Makati and because she’s the visitor, I made her choose where we’ll eat. She was craving for dim sum but because I do not know of any Chinese resto in Greenbelt besides Peking Garden, she settled for gyoza.

Onkei : A Taste of Japan
(image from their tempo webbie)

We were already tired from walking and hungry and cold (haha kawawa naman kami :p) that we just chose the nearest Japanese resto from were we were. Onkei. Hmmm… Never noticed it until last night. Is it new?


It relatively is. It’s only a few months old in Greenbelt 3. That explains the zero results when I googled its menu just right before I thought of blogging this. You know what I found out though? Onkei means blessed in Japanese. And who doesn’t wanna be blessed with their meals? Personally, I always pray that my food makes me healthy, happy and sexy! :p


We were given the house tea as we waited for our meal. The tea was good. I actually drank several cups, often times I skip it. The waitstaff was attentive in refilling the lovely teapot. Fast and friendly service, noted! :)


I had the Ebi Tempura – Tori Teriyaki Teishoku (bento box, 499php) which comes with a cup of rice, tuna and salmon sashimi, a bowl of miso soup, a small plate of salad, and a glass of iced tea. Other bento sets are ebi tempura + tori teppan and beef teriyaki + tori teppan.


My choice of bento was fantastic! I didn’t expect to enjoy everything in it.The sashimi was fresh. The miso soup, piping hot and filling. The tempura batter was crunchy and the shrimps were big. The salad’s dressing was delish. And the teriyaki was tender and nicely sweet. Ang issue ko lang is yung green plastic thingie sa sashimi. Onkei, please lose it. :p


Mackie had the gyoza with soup and California Maki. She was pretty happy with both dishes. Sulit ang ikot sa paghanap ng magsa-satisfy sa craving niya. I had a maki and I also liked it. What I would like to try next time are the Salmon Skin Salad (the name alone makes me salivate) and their Unagi Teriyaki.


Total cost of our dinner- P997.70, including the 10% service charge. We’re pleased with the quality, value, and service of this fairly new resto. Onkei deserves another visit. :)

Speaking of visit, you can check their menu in their temporary site.


Arigato gozaimasu to Christine of Onkei for helping me out with some of the info! :)

Onkei Japanese Restaurant
Level 2, Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati

// listening to Al Greene – Put a Little Love in Your Heart


8 thoughts on “Onkei Japanese Restaurant – Greenbelt

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  2. Thank you so much for letting me experience again the city life! I didn’t care if there was a super typhoon, i was like “bahala n si batman” basta matuloy lng tong date natin. On the sad side, i made my mom really worried which bothered me all night. Lesson learned, next time i will check the forecast before we meet para “win win” situation for me and mom. Anyways, till we meet again and this time…. We must go for karaoke!!!!

    • Haha! Ok na ba kayo ni Tita? Nakapag-usap na kayo ng mahinahon? :p

      Karaoke? Sure! You sing your James Ingarm songs and babanat ako ng Cherish ni Madonna for more pa-cute and for more pa-demure. :)

      • Supper dupper sarrap nyan pwed paturo mag luto. Jajak Anu pong mga ingredients. Nyan?

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