Bizu – Greenbelt

I’ve never eaten anything from Bizu that I didn’t like, especially their desserts! Mackie and I went to their Greenbelt branch for coffee and cake after our dinner in Onkei.


I told her it’s better at the al fresco area. Aside from the prettier location, I was after the free sing-along from the neighboring resto. Haha!

Blueberry Chiboust – 185php, Cappuccino – 120php

I had a Blueberry Chiboust. The gateux is a creamy cheesecake topped with blueberry filling on a shortbread crust. Divine! It’s my Top 3 fave now. Opera and Nirvana being top 1 and 2!


Mackie had Carrot Cake because she wanted something with cream cheese. My fave among Bizu’s tea cakes and bars is their White Chocolate Revel with Macadamia.

Brewed Coffee – 80php, Carrot Cake – 95php

Bizu really knows how to delight anyone craving fine sweet creations. Wait. Did you know that Bizu is a play of the French word “Bisous” meaning “kiss”?

No? Now you know! *mwah*


Bizu Patisserie
Level 1, Greenbelt 2,
(in between Nu-Vo and Cafe Mary Grace)

// listening to Gandang Gabi Vice


3 thoughts on “Bizu – Greenbelt

  1. I can’t believe that it was 1 week ago since we had that craving experience! Now i am craving for a banana cupcake topped in cream cheese with a cup of tea on da side…. Yummmm

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