Warung Indo -Salcedo Village, Makati

So there’s a hole in the wall in Salcedo Village that serves authentic Indonesian – Chinese cuisine. Thanks to my friends from VCF Makati for tagging me along to Warung Indo for dinner! Saul, thanks for being bratty and dictating declaring that dinner will be there. Hahaha!


Warung means a small family-owned business- a casual shop, usually café- in Indonesia or Malaysia. I know this because I’m smart I googled! :p


I am not familiar with Indonesian food, as I have always my attention only on Japanese, Chinese and Filipino food. Eating at Warung was certainly something new to me. New is welcome in my life right now. Provided new does not have curry.


The service was okay. Friendly servers but there were orders that took so long to arrive. Maybe they were overwhelmed with our large group?


The small resto has colorful interiors. And part of the decor is the lucky waving cat, making the feel of the place more… homey? Another trivia- this cat is called Maneki-Neko, literally the beckoning cat. It’s actually Japanese.


Their menu has the description of every dish and its corresponding Indonesian name. The photos of the bestsellers are also on the menu.


A lot of us had the Pecel Lele or Fried Catfish with Terasi and Rice (180php). I chose this because I like hito and I thought, what are the chances of anyone messing up this dish?


I liked my pecel lele. It was perfectly fried and wasn’t too salty. I made a dipping sauce for it– soy sauce + peanut sauce + lime + sambal (chili). The sauce also went well with the veggies on my plate especially the green papaya.


The other dishes served that night were– Mie Ayam Jamur or Noodle Soup with Chicken and Mushroom. The broth is served separately. I didn’t get to take a pic of the bowl with soup. Gerald didn’t look thrilled when he ate this. Hehe.


I don’t remember the name of the pad-thai looking dish that my seatmate had, but he found it quite spicy and very delicious. I’m sure masarap ‘yon kasi nag-order siya uli ng isa pa. :p


RJ had the Chicken with Terasi and Rice. What’s interesting with this was it was served with toasted chili grated coconut. Maanghang na latik, why not? :D


Yanee, Anton and Ruth had the Red Bean Ice for dessert. I was okay with my Iced Tea Tarik (tarik is milk). It was effective in killing off the heat from the sambal I put in my sauce.

I’d love to go back to Warung to try their Chicken Satay, Beef Rendang and Gado-Gado. Going to Warung can be a weekly habit that I can afford and enjoy. :p

Warung Indo
GF, LPL Manor, 116 Leviste St
Salcedo Village, Makati
Mon to Sat – Open 24hours, Sun – closed
02 – 5015341, 0926 – 7055507

// listening to SWV – Weak


6 thoughts on “Warung Indo -Salcedo Village, Makati

  1. I’ve always thought the cat is Chinese! And I thought crispy catfish is more thai than indonesian. This hole in the wall looks promising though!

    • The difference with Thai lies in the type of sambal used. It represents a daily Indonesian dish comprising of rice, sambal, vegetables, while the meat are interchangeable between deep fried catfish, tilapia, shrimps, chicken, duck, tofu, tempe, etc. :)

      • Hi! :) Thanks for the comments! Like what I said I know nothing about Indonesian cuisine. Hehe. I will definitely have the beef rendang and gado-gado next time. What good dessert do you recommend? :)

  2. Those you tried are the more casual types, which don’t represents Indonesian food really well :). I’d suggest to go straight for Rendang and Gado-gado next time; I don’t know how well they will cook them but those are two of the most well-known traditional Indonesian food. In fact one of the award winning dishes at the last World Streetfood Congress in Singapore was Rendang.

  3. Are the chefs or cooks Indonesian as well? The ways and preparation of cooking might be different if its prepared by non-native.

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