Namnam – Greenbelt

Joel, my college buddy now working in Singapore, was here in Manila two weeks ago for a vacay. I brought him to Namnam for 2 reasons: I heard that the food there is great and naawa ako kasi parang puro chicken nuggets ang kinakain niya sa Singapore. Hehehe, just kidding, lah. :p


The first thing I noticed was the bar but had I an early call time the following day so I had no alcohol. We were seated at the al fresco area of Namnam. Our waiter that night was Gerson who was very friendly, quick and efficient the entire time! (Gerson, if you get to read this… HELLO! Sabi ko sa iyo, ime-mention kita eh!)


Namnam is in Greenbelt 2, below Burger Bar. Same owner, obviously. The group also owns Cue in BGC. You can check out my Burger Bar experience here. I had a so-so Burger Bar experience so I wasn’t really expecting so much from Namnam regardless of the good reviews.


They serve Comfort Filipino Food. You can find classic Filipino dishes and items with twists in their menu. Kinda reminds me of my favorite hole in the wall in Madaluyong, Lime 88, which serves Pinoy food with a twist– like balut in red wine sauce and osso bucco-style kare kare.


Namnam has three serving sizes to choose from: small, medium and large. We weren’t so hungry that time so we agreed to get dishes in small servings. Excellent because we got to sample a lot of dishes too!


Joel isn’t really the adventurous type when it comes to food. Bahala na daw ako basta daw gusto niya ng sisig. Yun lang. Kapag ako ang bahala, marami akong pipiliin. This serves as a warning to you who will go out on a Takaw Trip with me. :D

Buko Pina Shake – 155php, Pandan Iced Tea – 55php

For drinks, he had the Buko-Piña Shake which he seemed to enjoy. Had a sip of it, tasted like piña-colada without the rum. :p I had the Pandan Iced Tea. I had to squeeze some lemon in it because the pandan and tea were both very mild.

Fried Chili Cheese Sticks – 80php, Corn Ukoy – 55php

For starters, we had the Fried Chili Cheese Sticks and Corn Ukoy. The cheese sticks were just okay. The ukoy is something I would like to copy. Ang sarap! I love ukoy with squash or togue or grated green papaya. It was my first time to eat a shrimp fritter with corn. Yum!

Tortang Talong w/ Longganisa – 165php, Baby Squid in Olive Oil – 145php

I like the idea of having longganisa in the Tortang Talong instead of just regular giniling (ground meat) but I would have wanted to taste the eggplant some more. The Baby Squid in Olive Oil was excellent! Tender squid in spicy oil. This was the dish that had the BAM! factor in all of the things we ate.

Sinigang na Short Ribs w/ Pakwan – 215php, University Fried Rice (medium) – 245php

In almost all of the online reviews I read, their Sinigang na Short Ribs with Pakwan is probably the most popular. Its sourness was absolutely perfect. I kinda missed the taste of the pakwan though. The University Rice is tapsilog in a bowl. The tapa they used was yummy.

House Crispy Sisig – 120php

As for Joel’s sole request, the House Crispy Sisig… it did not disappoint. Crispy talaga. It’s actually one of the best sisigs I’ve eaten. I wish I ordered beer instead of iced tea.


We had no more room for dessert. Tap out na! Congrats to the Namnam team! You guys really do serve great Filipino comfort nomnoms! Will have to go back for the Turon with Kesong Puti, Leche Flan with Gata and Mango Icebox Shortcake!

G/F Greenbelt 2,
Ayala Center, Makati
Open Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
02 – 6250515

// listening to Jay Z feat Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail


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