Philippine Culinary Legend Dies at 84

THE Nora Daza– chef, author, tv personality, culinary icon– passed away in her sleep this morning. She was 84.

photo credit: Inquirer Lifestyle

I had lots of books when I was a little girl- fairy tales, Encyclopedia Brittanica and other nerdy shit, coloring books– but my most favorite was my cookbook. MY LET’S COOK WITH NORA cookbook. Well, it’s my mother’s, but I have always pretended it’s mine. It’s still in our bookshelf. It’s what you can call our kitchen bible– a must-have in every Pinoy household.


In the 80’s, while most of my playmates were busy playing with Barbie, G.I. Joe, text (or teks, depending on how sosyal you are) and patintero, I was busy helping my Mama in the kitchen in cooking dishes that she read from her cookbook or saw in her cooking show Cooking It Up With Nora. Mama’s very first celebrity culinary influence was Nora Daza, so she was my first influence, too. Second was Stephen Yan of Wok With Yan. :p


Rest in peace, madame. Cook up your best feast in heaven.

// listening to Frank Sinatra – All The Things You Are


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